Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Elder Hamblin's watch made it to Solana and then finally fell apart. It was just not made to take that kind of abuse Elder.

You are looking at the difference between a clean water filter and a dirty water filter. Elder Hamblin informed us that maintaining the water filter is part of their basic training for new missionaries (Otherwise the Philippino Quick-step kicks in).

Dear Hamblins, Rices, Krices, and other alternative life forms that are reading this blog:
I GOT SOME BIG NEWS!!!!!! Elder Makiling got transferred. I recived my new companion last Thursday. His name is Elder Magalong and he's a RIOT! I love that kid so much! He's the same batch as Elder Makiling and I call him a kid but he's 21 and older than me. He's a little....socially awkward but that's okay. I love him. He does stuff that make me say, what are you doing? But that's what keeps me on my feet. His stomach is ALWAYS hurting so I try and make him foods that he likes. If you don't feed a Filippino his daily amount of rice they get sick and sometimes change colors. No just kidding they just have rice withdrawals. I on the other hand, I am a hybrid so when they complain about no rice its okay to me. I can keep going and they are astonished! Americans are so weird! He he!
So life is good with me and Elder Magalong. We got some good investigators progressing and I am excited to see what happens. But before we had the transfer meeting slide show to see who my new companion was, one of the AP's an old friend of mine, Elder Cajumban came and whispered in my ear, "Hey President wants to talk with you." Oh no. What did I do? Why does he want to talk to me? Trembling in my nice black shoes I tred my way to his Office. Along the way another old friend Elder Schmidt came to comfort me. (You might remember him from the skype) He knew what was going down. He's connected! I walk into his air conditioned office and sat on his nice couch and he frankly leaned over and said, "Elder Hamblin you have been called to be a District Leader." Might heart skips a beat, before I can respond he continues briefly about what my duties will be. Making lessons every Tuesday and teaching my District of wiser older missionaries! I will conduct splits with all the Elders In my District of 8 and I would continue to keep my area afloat while teaching my newer companion the ropes as his 1st senior. AHHHHHHH! I shook his hand and walked out that door half awake half asleep. What did I just sign up for? Was a large question that was floating through my mind. By the look on my face Elder Schmidt knew and gave me more comfort and advice on how to be a great District Leader. He would know, he used to be my District Leader. He was my District Leader in San Mariano for a cycle. He told of the opportunity to gain revelation for your District and the love he had for the missionaries good and bad now. I am stoked to fullfill my calling now. I've already made a lesson about the Divine Companionship! I'm excited. Anyway I'll let you know more about my experiences in the next email.
SO now for your emails. I can't forget about you guys. Your Easter sounded great okay here we go.
Dear Mom,
You sure no how to give everyone more than they hope for! That is actually one of the most excellent qualities that you have Mom. That's reason why people love you. Why I love you! Hey don't have to much fun without me now! JK I'm having way more fun than you guys. I almost got eaten alive by a dog 1/4 my size. I almost his it with my Umbrella ella ella! Anyways, I'm sorry I for got Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncle KY's, Aunt Kalenes, and Aunt Terils birthdays. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!! and any others I might've forgotten. You Da Bomb! Hey so I'm sure I don't have to ask but is the Enamel on Shay's teeth like completely gone by now because of all that flippin candy? Gosh, I love easter and hardboiled eggs and such. I LOVED General Conference. Hands down the best one yet! I love hearing the words of the prophets of GOD! You know General Conference just means more if you are a missionary for some reason. I remember before it was hard to stay awake through General Conference. Mabe because I was at home in comfy clothes and not in my Sunday best sitting on a hard wooden bench in an Air Conditioned Chapel! All in all, I know now how to be a better missionary and that I REALLY have to get married apparently when I go home or someone from the 12 apostles is gonna hunt me down! Kolten if you're reading this, GET MARRIED! :D I love ya!
Getting retired sounded like fun! ALL DAY LONG! I guess it has its perks and it's downsides to being old! I want to go to Hawaii and eat in a cafeteria FOR FREE! Gosh old people they get everything!
Home Town Buffet: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1 your endless supply of fried chicken and pasta. 2 your free Ice cream machine where you can make your own cones. 3 The way my stomach feels when I finally want to stop and welcome unconscious oblivion of a nap. 4 The fact that I can do it with my Family.
Now I'm just slobber'n all over this key board I better stop writing about that stuff! SO Mom thanks again for all those names and Birthdays. I will try and give a shout out every now and then in my emails when their Birthdays come around. Thanks your awesome. SORRY if I came off a little annoying when I reminded you. I didn't mean it! I love you and talk to you next time. Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Prom Sounds awesome and tell me which place you get in the prom competition. Me and Manny were selected for Prom King and People thought we'd be at each other's throats but you know me and Manny we don't let ANYTHING get between the brotherly bond. He became Prom king and after he got the crown, he put it on my head and I got to be his jester. HA! GOOD times good times. SO have fun and be safe little girl! Your movie was How to Train your Dragon. Here's my movie
"He's Dead! I thought this was a kids movie!"
"He lives in your finger."
guess that.
Dear Shay,
Sorry I got to hurry up my companion has no one emailing him. He's gettin shifty! Shay I guess I'll be emailing you more next round too. I hope you aren't a diabetic from all that candy! Enjoy livin the high life. Skyrim sounds cool and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I would. I love ya little bro! Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
Your story made me laugh about you with no pants and invisioning your cute chubby bouncing around and you trying to hold your shirt on was a hilarious thought thanks for the smile! I love you and I don't have a six pack yet but I do sit ups everyday. Thanks for reminding me. I love you all take care Elder Hamblin!!!

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