Monday, April 16, 2012

April 15, 2012

Presiding over this meeting will be Todd A. Hamblin and music will be preformed by the.......
You guys are off having tons of fun and being amazing as usual So I will just say....I miss you and the ocean.....and real ice cream........and cousins. General Conference was AMAZING AND I LOVED IT ALL! I didn't fall asleep I was taking notes like a mad man. I Hope I can remember all the stuff I want to work on throughout the next month and year. I wish I had a computer in the Apartment so that I could just watch or listen to it all the time. Okay here's a bit about my week!
A rich sister in our branch made us Chicken Soup the American way without the bones! YUM! And she made us Kamote FRIES! Which are a lot like french fries but instead of potatos it's better. Its made out of SWEET POTATOS! We ate it with ketchup and mayonaise mixed together. She's the bomb!
One of our investigators Raul Balucay needs your prayers. His wife is working in another country and has decided that she does NOT want him to be baptized into the church. It would not mix well with her beliefs as a Muslim right now. SO please pray that her hear will soften and that Raul will gain the courage to talk it out with her. He needs our prayers. He was supposed to be baptized with Elena. Pray for him.
Hey we saw something pretty cool the other day. We were riding on the back of a jeepney when we saw a big truck coming from the other direction. SO naturally our jeepney stops to let him pass. Meanwhile an idiot Calesa driver comes and see's that we've stopped and tries to pass us. I see this happening and try to stop the calesa but he keeps on urging his horse forward not paying attention to the stupid American waving his arms at him. SO he and the Truck meet. They aren't going very fast so they both slow down. For some reason this Calesa driver was waiting for the truck to get out of his way? Truck Vs Calesa. FATALITY! TRUCK WINS! The calesa is forced onto the incline and looks like its about to tip over but wobbles his way around and survives unscathed. Crazy idiot. That Truck would've destroyed him! So Ya see something
new every day!
SO MOM! I liked what you said and I think I will try and do that with my notes and be better at trying to apply what I learn! Your little get away sounded AWESOME! I want to come too!!! SO we will definetly need to do that when I get home! I think the theme may have been just being better members. I don't know It's all kind of a blur right now to me. I need to go over it again. I love all of Jeffery R. Hollands talks. President Monsons little boat story really got me too. AND about the girl who gave him a balloon. Man what a great story of how President Monson does good in the world EVERY DAY! SO Thanks for all that. Hey stay safe and keep reviewing the talks. There's always something new to learn!
Love Elder Hambs!!
Dear Devree,
I think if you hopped in the ocean you would still be cold right now. Those Hamblin Boys looked cold but you know how we tick. The Hamblin boys work and operate at a Higher temperature than normal people. So we warm up quicker. Don't ask me why. That's just how we're made. Anyway, I like your TV show quote AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER!! It's a shame the movie tanked! SO here's my quote: "It's outrageous its CRAZY!" or "Humph, ohhh he got me!" or the easy one, 'EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT!"
I like that part in Avatar where Prince Zuko talks about his life. He says that he has had to claw and fight for everything he wanted but it didn't matter to him. He liked it. It made him strong. I think in a way that's how you have fought for your life and now you are enjoying it. It's made you stronger than you think. Keep kick'n it sister and how was prom? I don't know if it has happened yet but I'm sure you will tell me all about it when it does!
Love ya Elder Hambs
Dear Dane,
Hey little bro! YOU ARE GETTING SOO BIG!!! I hope you had tons of fun at the condo and playing in the ocean. (You know the extra fat just keeps us warm in the cold.) Hey I miss you little bro! We got to play some serious games and watch teen titans and Avatar when I get home.
What Wii games did you play at the vacation house? I love you Dane! Stay in school! Be the Math Wizard that you are!!! Love Elder Hambs
Dear Shay, (or should I say Whoppie Cushion)
You are turning into one sexy little brother of mine. YOU are getting soooooo old! HOW do you do it! I'm gonna come home and you are going to be HUGE! We can share girl stories when I get home! Hey little bro! You have to tell me how Band is going for ya. Is Mrs. Bum bringing the hammer down on ya or are you doing alright trying to juggle it all? I hope you don't get too stressed or tired. I miss having you around to talk to and to drive me crazy! We got to play that cool Tank game on the wii when we get home!
Love ya little bro. Elder Hambs
I miss you all and I wish the best for you and for all the siblings. Be a good example to our friends and be a good example to the ward in being good members and true disciples of Christ. Be ye the LIGHT! Take care and be examples! ELDER HAMBLIN

I made it big for your OLD MAN EYES!!! JK I love ya old man. What do you think you are a young teenager like Shay swimming in the Ocean. Who's gonna watch you to make sure you don't set fireworks off in someones back yard while I'm Gone??
Love ya pops! Elder Hambs
I'm sooooooo sorry about not emailing you last time! I didn't realize it until I had left the computer shop. I'm super sorry but now I am going to give you the best email ever you know why? Cause: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! WHOOO! (please refer to the attached video!) I love you pops! I hope you know that! I hope you can see the video. The VCL player can read it just fine here. I'm sure you can find a way to convert it to whatever format you wish you computer wizard!! But I love you Dad and I can't do much but I'm trying my best to make your Birthday a little more special this year. Even though I'm far away from you right now and am not there to celebrate it with you I wanted you to feel the love. I miss you pops. I miss you every think about the good old days. Or come home exhausted and I want someone to talk to in ENGLISH! I miss the talks we had. You and me on my bed. Even late into the night sometimes. Talking about
girls and dreams and the more important things in life. You have really taught me to step back and see the BIG picture and try not and get to caught up and stressed with the less important things in life. I love you for that Tatay! Life in the Philippines is rough but rewarding. I have to admit though, I looked at the blog...and with a sizable portion of my heart I wanted to be with you all at the ocean playing and body surfing together. I miss those days. I miss swimming. I miss my Tatay. You always were the good example and standard that I needed to measured up to. Even from birth I didn't get to take any breaks. You named me Noble of all the names you can pick. I've come to forgive you for moving from Hawaii to Nevada without asking my permission. JK I love you pops. You da bomb! TICK TICK TICK BOOM! I hope that you be havin the bestest B-Day ever! You're the best Dad I could ever ask for! I remember the trips to the dump and trying to pound down the rediculous amount of weeds into the back of little red. I miss working on the car with you and I want you to teach me more about the hardware of a computer when I get home. I am thankful I have a MR. FIX IT Dad that can not only fix but teach me how to fix so I can bless my family. I want you to think back to when you decided to use your hard earned money to serve a mission. Did you really think about your posterity wanting to serve a mission because you did? Well the blessings will reach farther than you or I will ever see because
of your desicion to serve the Lord and "Come Join The Ranks"! You should be getting a letter some time soon. I hope you like it. I love ya Tatay! Love Elder Hamblin!

P.S. YOU Da Bomb! If the video doesn't work thats a shame but I really hope it does! You might have to see it when I get home.

Love ya, Elder Hamblin

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