Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012

Such a CREATIVE way to say what a missionary does all day long. Sing with me now to the tune of "Pioneer Children". "Elders and Sisters, sang as they walked and walked and walked AND WALKED!"
This is how we pump the water, pump the water, pump the early in the morning. We are fascinated at how they do a fence. Look how it seems to be woven.
I believe we have a picture of this famous caribaou already.
These are the turkey's that Noble said are "STRAIGHT UP GANGSTAH" because they are so tough!
Elder Makiling talking to the goat and saying"Oooh you are such a cute kid. Yes you are!"
Baby caribaou trying to get a drink from a puddle and Elder Makiling.
We believe this is rice drying in the sun. This is why the Elders always wash their rice because it is drying out where anything can eat it, or relieve themselves on it.

Link to show Solana on the Map: Solana

Sorry about that kinda had a missend. Here's the real deal!
He he Hey Hamblin Gang! Hey Its always a big gift and treat for me to accept your email and I'm glad I got one from EVERYONE this time! Hey got some kickin stories I want to share with you, so here I go!
1st things 1st we almost died this week! As we were walking down the path to Nanay Balubals house Elder Makiling stops me and says Look! As I look up I see a REAL LIVING Komodo Dragon staring back at me! He was about a stones throw away! He stuck his tongue out and then sped away and even though he had to be at least 3 1/2 to 4 feet long he could go FAST! He cleared like 10 yards in 1 second! WOW! I almost pee'd my pants!

Click Komodo Dragon Link: Not a Komodo Dragon but a new Monitor Lizard.

Now can Kolten say that? Just joking! I
can never say that I have seen a dust storm here like he saw in Arizona! Cool stuff cool stuff! WE also have a member here who is working down in Manilla right now but she texts us every now and then. Her name is CHERRY PIE! HA! No joke and every time she texts us I have to sing, "She's my cherry pie put a smile on your face ten miles wide! Look so good make a grown man cry, SWEET CHERRY PIE!!!" She is an interesting character. Elder Makiling thinks I'm a CHICKS BOY! It's only because I'm white. That's why I'm so darn popular here! Okay now for your Email!!!

Dear Pops,
Hey I read your letter. I'm pretty sure everything I write is misspelled in Tagalog but Pamensahe means money for traveling. SO I hope that clears things up for you, my Guapong Tatay! Hey don't stress about work or the medical bills. I'm praying for you and for Devree and the whole family every night and the Lord hears my prayers. He hears your prayers too and all we have to do is be humble enough to accept his will. Hey and don't mess with turkeys. Apparently they are like SUPER tough here! Thats why I gave you a picture of a turkey because three words come
to mind whenever I see one, "STRAIGHT UP GANGSTAH!" So enjoy the turkey pic! P.S. I miss my Shark Car!!! :( Love ya pops!

Dear Mom,
Hey so don't be subbing to much or you just might lose your marbles ya know!? You know what happens when you Sub too much and you know your limit so be safe okay?! I love you but don't go and destroy yourself. Those kids can be brutal! You are doing a great job with the blog and all but the picture in the caves is of me and Elder Makiling, so if you could change his name that
would be great. I totaly got the name wrong with caves the name on the sign is correct. Go with that. Thanks! Thats so sad! I wanted to be Dads assistant scout master when I get back!!! What a BUMMER! So hey do you remember when I asked for the Birthdays because I'm an air head and I always forget the Families birthdays!? If you could send a list of when all your birthdays are,
that would be awesome so I don't forget them! Hey how's Kolten doing and how's the whole getting him into college deal going? Hey I am doing WAY better this week! We had an awesome Sunday with Nanay Balubal and Lesquero coming to church and our two inevestigators who will be baptized next Saturday Raul and Elena!! We acctually picked them up before church! Anyway the bummer part was Armin Valdez was supposed to come to church but he didn't. This was the last Sunday we had given him chance after chance but he still hasn't come to church. SO (This is my least favorite part) we just might have to drop him because he is making no progress and is not doing so well. So sad! Anyway thanks for the prayers and love I can feel it! Hey we had an
awesome experience with OYMing yesterday! We were just walking down the road like we do EVERY DAY and we saw a guy who was smoking his cigarette. I decided to just OYM (Offer Your Message). Anyway just cause and when I talked to him he invited us into his house! (in my mind im yelling "CHECK MATE!!") We learned he was around 30 years old and had a little daughter and his wife was a teacher at the school nearby! We come in and he says he wants to learn about and hear the WORDS OF GOD ALRIGHT! Me and my companion can do that! We shared with him aboutGod and about Jesus Christ and his Gospel and why it's perfect for families. In short he loved it and wants to know in our next visit about why there are so many churches and only one God. GOLDEN! I hope that he keeps on progressing! Anyway, yes missionaries have their up and down days and we're still human after all. SUPER HUMAN but still human! Hehe :) Thanks for the love and concern for me and my Investigators. Thanks for the prayers. God has heard everyone of them and blesses me and you in ways we never knew were possible. I love you and take care. Ingat po kayo palagi! Elder Hamblin!

Dear Shay,
Hey so the meet didn't go as well as you planned huh? Hey I hated running too! But the more you run the fitter you will be for pole vaulting in the future! If you continue with pole vaulting I want to see some awesome videos and see you live in one of your meets! You got fried? I sometimes
get fried but thats okay. Its not super bad. Hey if you wear sunscreen apparently you don't get sunburned! WHOA crazy right!? I don't know I haven't tried it yet because that would be WAY to smart of a thing to do! Anyways I love you Shay and I wish the best for you!
Love your oldest and wisest brother, Elder Hamblin
P.S. How are your girlfriends doing?

Dear Dane,
How's baseball going? Is it over now? You still into bey blade? How's the pinewood derby car coming along! I miss you little bro!! Hey I hope you aren't getting too good at video games! I'm probably not good at video games anymore but it will be fun to play them when I get home!
No six pack just yet but I still continue to work towards it. I like my new toilet but we still need a toilet seat. That would be nice. And toilet paper, that would be cool. The spider training is pretty cool. They just have them fight on a stick like pokemon until they are super strong. Sometimes they feed them a multi-vitamin to get them stronger faster. Its kinda cool. They start them out on far sides of the stick then they let them go and watch them duke it out for a couple of seconds then after a minute or two you see one hanging in a web and the other one spinning webs around it. Pretty darn cool. Anyway mabe I'll get a video and try and send it to you!
Love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
Your movie was UHF! One of the classics! Today we are gonna teach poodles how to fly! I love that movie. Anyway here's my movie! "His life is smothered in shades, his life is gone but his stench remains!" "It's called a lance, HELLO!" "You're out!" "Yes William we'll sleep with the pigs." Its actually amazing the things you can remember and the things y0u can't remember! I love you Devers and keep singing your heart out inChoir. I hate singing in other languages. Except Josh Groban. He's amazing. I love you Devs take care. I love you all Hamblin Gang and talk to you next P-Day. Elder

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