Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Elder Hamblin having a mighty fine day!!!
He has a small bag of black fluid.  I just can't remember what it is.
Even the old people cross this CRAZY bridge!
Yep!  Elder Hamblin is on the war path.
Look at that smile.  It's sooo good to be home!  Even if he doesn't have a toilet seat.
Two happy Zone Leaders!  I'm not sure who was taking that picture in the middle of no where.

Dear Hamblin Family,
        YES I was able to see the blog and wow is it UPDATED! Now I know all about the Family Reunion, sniff, the surgery, sniff, and my cousins, sniff sniff! I miss you all soo much! I am glad is all relatively well! Hopefully Devree will be back to normal, (swelling wise) in a couple of weeks! She is such a trooper! Things are good with me. That same Nanay Pinky, (thats her actual name) is trying to get either me or one of my friends to marry her daughter. GOSH what is wrong with these Moms practically selling off their daughters just cause I'm white? There is definetly a screw loose. ANYWAYS, I love them still even if shes CRAZY! (although I am a pretty good catch! HA! JK)
            I've got another Nanay that is convinced that if I sell Vitamin pills with her we are gonna get RICH! I mean LOADED! She talked my ear off about it over lunch. You guys should get rich with us! It'll be fun. All we have to do is go around selling pills and getting people to join this company! IT'S GREAT! I let you all think about that!
             WE had a General Authority come and visit us. Elder Teh who is the Area President of the Philippines came to teach us this last Tuesday. I LEARNED A LOT! And I am currently trying to apply it. Devree, you would have loved it. He talked about the EAC in Finding Nemo and how there is a PNC in the mission. It's the Pwede Na Current! WE have to be careful not to fall into that current because that's the normal way of living your life or serving a mission. Its the worlds way of relaxing us and making us forget that we need to be doing all we can to live the gospel righteously. I liked his talks. He taught me how to be a better Leader in the Mission. It was great. I sat right next to him during lunch. We ate and talked. I accidentally used a slang word, ASTIG (awesome) when talking to another missionary and Elder Teh told me to not use it. He understood that It was a word a lot of missionaries use. He also knew that I had no Idea it was slang. I just say awesome now in English to that I don't use ASTIG. What a great week! ALSO check out Romans 12:21 It is a great verse on how to live in this crazy old mixed up world! Now for your letters:
           Dear Mom,
                 Thanks for updating the Blog it looks great! I am glad that Devree is through the scary part and that she had tons of fun on the journey! It must be weird saving the worst for last but I COMPLETELY understand WHY the worst was last. Who wants to go see the Lion King with eggs on their legs! HA :D
                I am so excited for you all and for my letters from Kolten and other famliy members! I am glad that you all had fun at the Reunion but you have to know that I wish I could have come too! Its a big part of our lives you know? You don't think about stuff like that before setting off for a mission. Those are things you are reminded of DURING THE MISISON! :D I will enjoy it when I get home I know that. It's still something I wish I could have done with you all! OH, yes my companion is a hoot! He likes to sing in bed and say, Elder Hamblin, Mahal Kita please update the area book! I love him like ALL my companions. Despite the few that criticize and annoy!
           CONGRATULATIONS AUNT PAULA!!!! I am soooooo happy for her and her new husband. I hope you two can make the wedding. I will not be able to because I am going to be going to a Zone Leaders Council. Please let her know that I love her and am VERY happy with her decision! It will not only make her happy right now but for the eternities and she already know that! 
    SO those pictures....he he! WE got be and the Elders in our District/Zone. We have the gekos live and dead. You got us taking jump shots in the pouring rain! YA! and me eating a double banana. It's two regular bananas that grew together close enough and became a double banana. They call them Kambal which means twins. I personally think that they are more delicious than the regular bananas so I take it upon myself to eat every batch I see. Ha I love these bananas. Sweeter than any bananas you will ever find in Nevada THATS for sure! Well hopefully that explains the unexplainable. I love you Mom.
              Dear Devree,
                      DON'T SCRATCH YOUR FACE WHATEVER YOU DO!!!!!! @#!$ your face looks like *$%&!!!!! JK YOU look great with the Surgery smile! You will be up and kicking sooner than you know it! Then you will be smiling and smiling for all those handsome RM's knocking down your door just to get a chance to date you!
                   You and your eggs. That must suck. But hey, at least its over now. I hope all is well. Rest up and get your blood going again! I can't believe how much they had to cut up your leg to get all the things they needed. I feel kinda bad saying this but I wish someone else could have donated and you didn't have to suffer as much. But I guess the best donner is you. Your body should reject its own spare parts!
                Your movie was the Nightmare before Christmas. (I got it on my Ipod) what song were you listening to? Anyways, here's my movie. "BRILLIANT, You reject your own nose because it is the noise of comercializm. Why didn't I think of that? Cut print check the brake moving on!" OR "Where are you Christmas!" I think you'll get it! if not, ask Dane. He should know! he he! SO I love you . THANKS For the awesome letter. I miss you Devrs. Get well soon. I'll pray for you and when I get back were going to New York City! JK LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN!!!
          Dear Dad,
                 I love that you are helping Manny with things that you will eventually be helping me with in the not to distant future. He needs a soft and guiding hands. He needs a wing man that's for sure. The Manny I knew did things because He knew they were right and was not easily influenced by others except close friends. I think this is Manny's refiners fire. He is probably trying to figure out what and who he wants to be for the rest of his life and that is no easy task to accomplish! I have had some dillemas on the mission in a some what controled atmosphere where I have to ask myself, WHY am I doing this? WHERE am I going with these dissisions, and WHAT am I becoming. I am asking myself these questions while studying the scriptures and becoming closer to God. Manny is in the World. The COLLEGE WORLD. Where if you got it flaunt it and more friends equals happiness are the mottos and slogans. Do what you must in order to have the right friends in the right places. I can HARDLEY IMAGINE, what he must be going through right now. He is trying to stick to what He knows is right even though he may not have some one to be the voice that says he's doing the right thing. It's been awhile since I've gotten A letter. He said a package was on the way so I'm excited. I hope it comes soon. I don't want to send off a letter and then tomorrow I get his Package! Oh well. Tell him I love him.
              Dad, Philosophizing with my Pops is one of my greatest past times! (note: I have no Idea how to spell Philosophizing. That is Spell check at its best!) Heres what I got to say: If we love God we will do all we can to be worthy to return to him. BUT we are human. Even if we are not worshipping stuff in the world the world can be disracting enough to make us forget all he's done for us. THATS why we go to church and stay worthy enough (by keeping the commandments) to take the sacrament. (to always remember him) If were staying true to those Covenants than we are promised that His Spirit will be with us. I know that its true. In all our lives we need the Spirit to help us make good choices. If you feel that something is being a leech or a parasite to your spiritual parts of your life than go take it out. Repent and then don't invite it back. Sometimes it may be something that you can't or  don't need to get rid of but could probably do a little less. Either way if its getting in the way of you receiving inspiration for your calling than you don't need it!
             Thats what I've got. If you have other questions just ask! I hope those thoughts helped you out on your next talk or just with you. Thanks for the question. Your right Dad I miss talking with you about these kinda things. I hope we will have many talks when I get back home! I love you Pops! Elder Hamblin

                 Dear Shay,
                      Gamefly really? You lucky son of a gun! I hope you are using it to its fullest potential! I love you buy the way! WE should use that when I get home if you still have it! I hope that all is well with school and all. I hope you do what you really want to do. I hope that you can put your whole heart into it and I hope you become the master at whatever you choose! I love you Shay, and you know Mom is just trying to make sure you are happy. I hope that you can enjoy your High School years and It won't feel like you are withering away. I know my sophmore and junior and well pretty much all of high school I felt SUPER BUSY! I'm sure you feel like you don't have a life sometimes but don't worry. Just roll with the punches and do your best to endure it and enjoy it! You only go through High School once ya know! (That and puberty. Don't want to ever do THAT again!) So hang in there bro! I'll pray for you not to get to stressed! I love ya! Elder Hamblin
                  Dear Dane,
                        Ya who want to know you have Stuffed animals? Well I am glad that it is all Cousin proof now! I hope nobody gets into it! DID YOU CLEAN THE HOUSE!?!??!? I hope you did! I love those Costco muffins also! I hope to buy some when I get home. Mabey the Poppy seed muffin kind. ya. Anyways, I am sure you are going to have TON'S of fun with the Cousins this week! Make sure you give them all extra lovins from me! I miss you little bro. STAY CUTE!!! Oh and P.S. no six pack yet but its commn! Love Elder Hamlbin
          SO the pictures are me and my comp being silly, me and my comp being silly and a little of me and my comp being more silly! Not much to explain. OH the rickety old bamboo bridge should be a nice photo! I hope to save that as a screen saver when I get home! I love you guys!!!!! Stay safe happy and well fed LOVE, ELDER HAMBLIN

Oh, a bother in in the Ward asked If I could buy him some scriptures with my credit card and then he would pay it back in cash. He wants the kind I have that has a strap and buckle. I think I will just go through one of the senior couples rather than use my money. I'll get him to give me the cash and then I will have the Senior couples handle the ordering. Anyways, I let you know how it goes. I don't trust this guy enough to pay then have him pay me back. Thats not cool. Oh well I love U! Elder Hamblin

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