Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Dave is a special boy. He has 6 fingers on both hands and 6 toes on each of his feet. Some have bones so he can move them. Others are just cartilage so they are all jelly like Harry Potters arm.
This is Dave.  He's is one of my favorite little boys to talk to and play with. He loves boxing. He like pretending to eat me. We have a lot of fun together. I hope you enjoy the pictures of all these fun people I continue to meet here in the Philippines. I Love them all!
Dear Hamblin Family, It's me again, and MAN do I got some news for you!!! Kay so here I am. Tired, hungry and wanting food to fill my stomach. We get finished with some last appointments and Elder Lucernas gets a text on our phone. WE HAVE A DINNER APPOINTMENT!!!! WHOOOO!!! SO we go to this dinner appointment, and we have Chop Suey. But this is NOT your regular CHOP SUEY! This chop suey has some extra things in it. Half way through I realize that the stuff that I thought was meat has a different texture. I ask Elder Lucernas, Hey what kind of meat is This? And he answeres, Oh no that’s not meat that’s liver.......mhhhhhh baby! Nothing like a couple of chunks of liver to put some hair on your chest. I grab another piece that looks a little bit different and start chewing on it. I asked my comp hey what’s this stuff? He said its heart. That’s right, I got you all beat. I ate a total of 3 hearts that night. NOW I HAVE THE POWER OF FOUR HEARTS!!!! HA!! You'd think I would have super powers by now right? Oh well. I'm still kicking. No problems yet. The work is going great! We are but about doing good things and helping people come unto Christ. If we don't get a baptism this month then it will be 2 next month so I'll keep you all in touch with those two. Their names are Elizabeth and Rinel. They are two fine youth that will be a great help to the church. I love them and so does Elder Lucernas. Hopefully he will be here for BOTH of their baptisms. He goes home next month. We'll see what happens! Oh I think I drank some of the interesting filtered water at a members house. I had a pretty bad LBM and I didn't like that at all. Oh well, those pills are coming in handy Dad. I think I can do a better job at watching what I eat. OH MOM, You are gonna love this! Last night I was eating at a member ladies house. She had some interesting things set out. We had Pancit we had this crazy banana dessert thing that was deep fried and cover in chocolate syrup. good stuff! Then they had broccoli. Now you know how me and broccoli don't get along very well. WELL guess what? I ate like 5 spoons full and had 0% reaction to throw up! ISN'T THAT GREAT! The Philippines has made me a non-picky eater! Now when I go home I will eat pretty much anything! I'm excited! Oh well. I hope you found that interesting! Anyways thanks for giving me the scoop on New York City. I DO want to go see the BIG APPLE. MY comp Elder Lucernas has been asking me if I had gone to the BIG APPLE yet. I haven't been there. Or to Boston in the fall. Oh well. I still got a life time to live. Who knows what will happen. Well I am quite upset I didn't get to go see Lion King. That goes on my list of broadway shows to see. I want to see Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and many others. We better get started! HA Love you Mom Dear Devree, Your movie was TARZAN! I think I have that one on the computer! Oh well, here's yours: "AS YOU WIIIISH!!!" "There's mostly dead and then there's all dead." Hey, you moved your head!" "A six fingered man killed my father." This day’s quote is in honor of Dave. (you'll get it when you read the other email!) I hope you get it!! I can't remember much else from that movie but I think you will get it! Oh well. SO hey, I wish I could have gone to The Lion King with you and eat good food and see the museums and such. (I would not mind a Lion King CD in the next package. *wink wink*) I think going anywhere with you is fun and an adventure. I love my sister. What can I say? I miss the good old times you know? I hope you are loving the Big Apple. You know New York City reminds me of Elf a lot. "Watch out! The Yellow ones they don't stop!" I also just miss sitting down and watching movies with my best bud. You are the only one who knows as many movie quotes as I do! JK I love you little sister. You hang in there and rest your cheeks. (The ones on your face too.) I hope that the surgery goes GREAT! and everything turns out alright and everything is successful. I will pray for you! Love, Your Big Bro! Dear Pops, SO Ya I sacraficed a TON of MCDO for you all. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your chess set. I never was great at chess. Philippinos are born great at chess so they all whoop my buns. I hope you take good care of my wood carvings! Next time I am going to use a better service that doesn't freak me out and tell me I have to pay 3,000 pesos AFTER I send the package! We'll Thanks for all that! Hey, Marshmellow Maties is NEVER a bad idea. I really don't know what to ask you all for. FOOD. Get creative! Oh and a can. JK DAD, I will wait very patiently for the super letter and I will let you know when I get it! Thanks for putting the extra effort in to get me stuff like that. You are the bomb. I do feel close to you all when I write you too. NOTHING compares to Skype-ing but hey. It's hard to beat! BUT, I do feel like P-Day's are just enough interaction with my family so that I don't go crazy! I miss you all. YOU know before we know It, Mom will be bugging me about where I should apply to go to school and what I want to be for the rest of my life. Then soon after that I will be hustling together another package for you all, somehow. Then I will be home. Facing the hard life of an RM in a cruel world. Oh well. We'll see what happens. I don't want that day to come any faster than it already is! Oh well. I love you pops! Dear Shay, Hey I love you too! I hope you know that!? Hey, you better believe that we will be going on a lot of random trips to the river and Smiths and the Dollar Tree. Whenever we can we will stay up late and drink root beer floats and play video games. HECK we can try and go see a movie just you, me and Dane. THE BOYS! And when Devr’s is home we can do puzzles or watch movies or make cookies or something! There is ALWAYS something cool and fun you can do. There is no excuse to NOT be busy doing something good! I am glad that you are thinking about your mission, now and not later! I know from experience that it is good to plan ahead with things like missions. You can ask me any questions you like about missions and I will help you out if I can! I kinda look forward to switching places with you and emailing you about your rough companion or your prideful WML. I think that it will be fun to say, "HEY, watch it man! MY brothers on a MISSION right now! In AFRICA!" JK I don't know where you are going but it should be sweet! You will make a fine Elder Hamblin! I can't wait till I get back and we can PARTY!! Love BIG BRO! Dear Little Dane, WELL I guess you aren't that little anymore are you? How’s YOUR six pack coming? JK I still have no six pack Dane but I'm fasting today so maybe that will help! JK I love you little bro. I hope you are making sure everyone is doing their chores while I am gone! SO you got a dollar and 12 cents...... YOU ROLLIN IN THE DOUGH!!!! Your mission fund sounds like it is just going to keep on rising till you are ready to go! I hope you receive the blessings from doing the right thing and the blessing from having 2 great parents supporting your older brother on a mission. You will do great. Hey, I think that we should all go to the Minden pool when I get home. I think that would be a fun idea. I actually had a dream one night that I was diving off the diving board at that pool. Maybe I'm trunky a little bit. Not really though. I got people here that I have to help understand the Restored Gospel. I'm VERY busy being a Missionary. So don't worry though All is well and I will be on my way home before you know it! I miss you Dane. I miss all of you. I wish you all the best and I'll miss you! LOVE, Elder Hamblin Philippines Cauayan Mission

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