Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th, 2012

Elder Hamblin and Elder Schmidt
Elder Hamblin and a life size tiger.

So Hamblin Family,
        Its kinda hard to focus because they have a karaoke going on next door and the girl thinks she’s the new Celine Dion. Me and my comp want to unplug the machine. SO amidst the war of music I am going to attempt to try and email you all. I love you but if this is short I'm sorry! ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS THING!!!!
        SO lets start with
            I think that your company leader is the bomb. Brother Frasier is really an amazing leader and an inspirational speaker. HE gets people to act! He and everyone else you come in contact with is in love with you and who you are! SO don't feel bad when People want to try and lend you a hand. It's how they show you that they love you. As for the brothers don't worry about it. Just love them. It's up to them if they love you back. I remember that when I left Devree it was only a couple of weeks in the MTC before I missed my once annoying brothers and my angel sister! You won't know How much you'll miss them till you're gone! So love them while you can and don't let them go! I know from experience it’s hard to leave them without saying goodbye! I never got to hug Shay goodbye or say goodbye to you. I only got to hug a half asleep Dane. SO love them Devree. Do what they want to do, it doesn't matter what you want to do, you can do that all the time by yourself. Do what they like to do and love them to death before you leave. They'll appreciate it more than you know!
         Your movie was Nacho Libre and here is mine: "Your only in trouble if you get caught! THERE HE IS! I'm in trouble!!"
"Rugman, haven't seen you in a few millenina Give me some Tassell!"
"I don't bring people back from the dead it’s not a pretty picture I DON"T LIKE DOIN IT!"
"Hold on to your turban kid. We're gonna make you a star!!"
         Kay that’s a lot try that out!
  Dear Shay,
         Yes I know Hydro the Olsons dog. He's a good dog. kinda reminds me of rascal at the krices. Hey I miss that old lake. It's a shame it’s all dried up right now! Very dry there but very wet here all the time! I can't get it to stop raining! You know I have had a reoccurring dream of going to Costco and getting an extra Large Pepperoni Pizza and eating it all by myself. It's a good dream but I always end up waking up. I wish I could have a Costco pizza again. I miss them and real Root Beer. and milk. Lots and lots of milk. My diet is gonna be really weird when I get home. I hope that I don't destroy my insides when I get home! I love you shay and eat some pizza for your older brother will ya?  Love Elder Hambz
      Dear Dane,
            So you have really been just kicking back and enjoying life! I hope you’re not getting too used to it! Sand Harbor sounded awesome. It’s hard to bury your hands because you need your hands to bury things you know? Manny sent me a package with a picture of me in it. It was back in the day when we used to go to sand harbor. It was an awesome picture of me jumping off the rocks. I like it a lot. Maybe I will send it to you all. Oh well. I hope to send it off soon! I have to scan it first! I love you Dane and I hope you are being a good boy for Mom and Dad! I love you! Elder Hamblin
     Dear Mom,
          Sounds like you are doing well. Don't worry the fever is gone. I still have plenty of Advil so don't freak out about sending more Advil. Leave more room for the marshmellow maties! he he :D How are you doing? I am sure you aren't feeling well after all the substituting. It takes a lot from you doesn't it! I hope you don't kill yourself with the substituting things. That and trying to clean out Devree's room. I don't know how she just collects so much stuff. It's kinda crazy! I hope that I don't ever get like that! I hope my wife isn't a hoarder! Oh well. I sent some pictures of my homemade spagettii and of me and Elder Schmidt. OH the elder sitting next to me just got a picture of a past Elder here who went home honorably. Well the picture is of this elder making out with a pretty girl in a car. That’s just cruel. Now the elder sitting next to me is sending it to all his friends in the mission. GOSH, sometimes I just can't focus on a simple email to my family. Anyways, I am doing good. I don't feel too sick anymore. I got the drugs I need from the drug stores here so don't worry about me! I wish I could go to sand harbor so bad. I DID get the mass letter envelope from the reunion. I am busy writing letters back to everyone. I miss all my cousins. I LOVE YOU ALL! THANKS FOR THE LETTERS! I hope to get some letters out soon. So thanks for that. OH and I got a package from my best bud ever Manny. I hope he reads that if not I am sending him a letter too. He sent me some candies pictures of his family and his girlfriend and my future girlfriend apparently and the stupid pirate set that has been cycling around our friendship for at least 4 years! Good stuff! Well I am a happy camper what can I say? I love you and all the relatives. Love Elder Hamblin
            Dear Dad,
                    Your toe looks DISGUSTING! I wish I could have seen it live! I hope you never work on bikes without shoes again. How many nails do you have to lose before you learn your lesson mister!? Although it does make for an interesting conversation with the little girl on facebook next to me. I think she almost threw up all over her keyboard. ha ha :D Well How you doing now? The only high councilman rocking the sandals on the stand! I got a picture of just the feet and bodies of the people on the stand and then at the end is my Dad and his one sandal! Nice, that's classy! You know you can go through quite a lot of pain pops. The kidney stone must have not been too good either!
          Well Yes I have to drive the quad when I get home. I don't want to sound trunky but that 6 month mark is right around the corner. I don't want to think about it too much! Anyways, have the pizza and rootbeer floats ready to go for me when I get home. I love you pops! I hope you and Mom have an awesome time at wood badge. Even if you aren’t going to be able to bring your toenail with you! HA! I bet it will look all weird when it grows back. Man my toes just hurt from thinking about it! If my companion complains about wanting to leave I am just going to show him the picture of your toe to get him to be quiet! (note: first time I attempted to spell quiet was quite.)
       So pops, I love what you said about me and my missionary experience but sometimes I feel myself caught up in the little things like wasting too much time at the internet shop or not getting out to work on time or things like that so then I feel horrible about myself and Presidents letters start to cut rather than to help me be better. I am doing better now but when I was with Elder Lucernas I didn't feel like a missionary on P-Days. Oh well, maybe I just am being too hard on myself. It's hard to be a good missionary when you don't have any good influences around you. My companion right now, Elder Rocaberte, is being a good example to me and we are in our proselyting cloths at the computer shop for the first time in 6 weeks. I hope to keep this up. Set a good example for the other missionaries! Oh well. I love you Dad. I love your toe too. Give it a kiss good night for me will ya!?                                                    Love,
                                                           Elder Hamblin!!! 

Ready to eat!!!
Homemade Spaghetti

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