Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 19, 2012

Dear Hamblin Family!!!!
I miss you all sooooo much! I miss the good times with cousins and such. I hope to meet all our new cool cousins when I get back! That should be cool! I miss all of you guys. I was just thinking last week about what it would be like just laying down with my family and watching a movie... like HUNGER GAMES! Ya, that's gonna be awesome. Even though you have all seen these movies you still have to watch them with me! Okay? I got some stuff to tell you guys!

Dear Dad,
I seem to always get a kick from thinking about all those High Councillors on the stand and then my Dad in his sandal and socks! he he :D I miss my silly papa. I don't know why I just miss my family this week. I don't know if you were ever a leader Dad, but I just got to go to an overnight Zone Leader Conference. It was LOADS of fun! We learned about becoming strong leaders like Moroni and being the ones who get things started. I hope to be like some of the amazing leaders I rubbed shoulders with there. We played ping pong and watched David Goliath and ate REAL Mexican food. (I later had LBMs) WE HAD ROOTBEER FLOATS!!!! I sat on a comfy couch and had apple juice for breakfast! IT WAS AWESOME! I hate eating rice for breakfast. I never liked eating rice for breakfast unless it is like fried rice or something. Anyways, we had a testimony meeting and everything, it was a very spiritual experience. It helped motivate me to be a better missionary than I've been. I hope it had the same effect on my companion.
Anyways, I hope the toe heals up soon and that you will be up and about as usual when its done with! I hope your next toenail grows back the right way and you don't have any other problems. I think that picture on the blog is just priceless. I think I've looked at it every week! Grossing out the people next to me and the other missionaries. Its great! You know, toilet seats are the least of my problems here. I could tell you about the other horrors a missionary could see on a daily basis but I will just simplify it down to this, at the end of the day you will have an 85% chance of having some kind of poop on you. Whether it be from a dog a lizard a child or even yourself. The possibilities are endless. (number one reason why washing my cloths by hand took so long today.) Bird pooped on my nice clean shirt. Stupid Bird.
"You name it, I've been pooped on by it." -Elder Allen
Welcome to my life.
I love you. I hope the best for you all. I hope you enjoyed the Home Town Buffet. Me and Elder Allen were able to spoil our selves a bit. We bought us some REAL pizza. It was NICE PIZZA. We both enjoyed it thoroughly! E. Allen almost through up! I am sending some pictures to all right now! I hope you like them. It cost us 500 pesos for this pizza which is like 11 bucks! Can you believe that! But it was absolutely Delicious! Well love you Dad.

Dear Mom,
I decided that my Taste buds have changed, DRASTICALLY! You know the Pizza in the pictures? I don't think I could have eaten something like that before my mission. I really didn't like veggies on my pizza before. It was a thing that just was just wrong. Now I can eat anything that I want to eat cause It doesn't matter to me now. I don't think that I will have any problems with being picky when I get home. I ate broccoli I ate hearts of a chicken, I ate the Cat Fish Head. Eye balls an all. I ate the tongue of a pig! I don't think I'll have to hard of a problem adjusting when I get back! I don't think I'll have to try to hard to adjust to Mamas Lasagna! MHHHHHHH! BABY! I miss my Mama's cookin! I miss my Mama!
I am glad that you were able to see Grandma and Grandpa recently. It was great to get a letter from Grandma. Her hand writing is just so darn shaky lately from the arthritis probably. or just getting old. Tell her I love her and even my grumpy Grandpa that won't take his meds! I could never shoot my Mother in the Desert. That's not cool! I would just pray for Gramps to have his heart softened so that he will eat his pain medication. That's about all I can do right about now!
SO I love you mom and I hope that you are making sure that you are not running around with your head cut off! I hope that you can find a good place for grandma and grandpa. I hope that even in their old age they can still find happiness. I will pray for them. I miss watching the History Channel or the Discovery Channel with Gramps. I always sound angry when I try to talk loud enough for Gramps. I don't like even sounding angry. I look horrible when I'm angry! Anyways, Love you Mom! Keep on being the glue for us! Love Elder Hamlbin

Dear Devree,
I had a thought before going to bed. I was thinking that if you are a little nervous to go to school you know in Idaho, then mabe you could ask Dad for a fathers blessing to help ease the fears. That might help. Any way. I hope that the worst part is over with concerning your fears about school. I love your stories about Virgina City and the Obama Dollar. I laughed my head off! Anyway, I am hoping that you can find a way to love the brothers like you love me. They need a different kind of love ya know? Spend some time doing what they like to do. You'll be surprised what you find!
Your movie was Second Hand Lions. BEST MOVIE EVER! I can't wait to see the new movies on your list for me and the old favorites that I know we have! Okay here's mine: "Twins in a bunk bed!" "Grrrr GRAHHH GRrrrr GRAHH"
"We scare because we Care"
"Oh Googly bear!"
Try that on for size! I hope you get it! I'm am very interested and excited to use this magic box when I get back. If you got it Hunger Games is up on my list. Wait till it comes out on DVD first though! Go Dad and his Magic Box. Kiss his toe for me will ya? Love you Little Sis. Love Big Bro!

Dear Shay,
You little turd. Eating at the Home Town Buffet! WITHOUT ME? How could you? It's gonna take a long time for that one to heal bro. I think this is twice now isn't it? I miss eating American food, really bad. When I ate that pizza I really enjoyed it, but I thought about how much better Costco pizza is and how much bigger it is! I miss good food. Don't get me wrong, chicken intestines on a stick is great and all and I'll never get tired of Pig Tongue. But every now and then some Lasagna or Shepherds Pie would really hit the spot ya know? I miss ya little bro. You have always been an example to me of putting your whole heart into the things you are passionate about. I admire that. I wish I could be better at putting my whole heart into things. I'm just afraid to be disappointed, ya know? I sent you all some good photos hope you like them. I hope that you do well at soccer and get all sexy from running so much. Love you soooooooo much! Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
I hope you are having a great time with the cousins and such. I hope that you are being a good boy for Mom and Dad. Are you making sure that Shay isn't eating out of the kitchen? Make sure you get him to eat his cereal in the kitchen for me will ya? I love you Dane. I miss the Bunso. I miss my little bro some times. I look at your guys' picture on the wall and think to myself about all your interesting personal personalities. I hope that you are doing great. I hope you are getting outside and playing in the sun a bit rather than just rotting away in front of the computer or the TV. I miss you little bro! I hope that you are happy and doing fine. Please, be good and make me proud! Love Big Bro, Elder Hambz!

I love all you guys soooooooo much. I hope that you are all being good examples to our family, to our ward, to our community and to each other. Meanwhile while you are all being awesome I will do my duty and try and love these people back on to the straight and narrow way. I will try to make you proud. I love you. Stay safe happy and well fed. LOVE


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