Monday, September 26, 2011

September 25, 2011

You guys are busy as usual and so am I! We still haven't got the stupid water problem under control so I'm still pumping water with Elder Cajumban but that's okay. I'm getting stronger and skinnier every day. (1 pound closer to that six pack?) JK We just had a lovely baptism; Mary Grace Wayet and Josephine Wayet. They are awesome. Both teenage girls but awesome and sometimes hard to teach because they are so darn CRAZY and always laughing. We went to Illagan today and it was nuts! They have a HUGE Save More but HUGE here is like a Walmart back home so it means the world to me but not much to you guys! They had all sorts of stuff for sale and a Mang Ingnasal and all sorts of stuff! We ate well and Saw Pres. Carlos and Sis. Carlos there also and they treated us to Halo Halos which were Delicious! I saved alot of money this Cycle so I bought for myself some Frosted Flakes and milk which is apparently really expensive but that's just because they don't change the price. When I see 115 pesos I think it's expenisive now but transfer that into Dollars and it's pretty darn cheap! Anyway things sound good. You all are doing well. No ones sick and Low Riders a Jerk to Devree! JK "Forgive him" Devree "For he knows not what he does!"
Dear Mom,
Interesting Wedding. Yes that is very different to what we are used to. I hope Chase finds what he's looking for with his life. I miss the old Chase, the old Kaylun the Kolten in general!!! I miss Carson and Chelsey and all my cousins. (secret here we had to delete) Why was that one bridesmaid fainting at the wedding? Was she drunk? High? or just plain Trippin as the young kids say? JK I think you are spoiled with that hotel room and your little get away. I wish I could come. I just like being in the car with everyone. I miss you all.
Okay story time. So just the other night I had a pretty weird and funny dream that I think you will appericiate Mom. My dream was pretty simple. I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons with my two brothers. You were in your room and Devree was on the computer and Dad was still at work. Sitting in my lap was a heaping bowl of delicious Marshmellow Mateys floating in the creamy white milk. Of course Shay and Dane had their bowls too but the strangest thing was when I ate a spoonfull of this cereal I actually could taste it, Mom. It was so real I could see it all in color and it was so vivid that when I woke up, I actually believed I was home in my bed and tried to get out on the wrong side. It wasn't until I almost smacked my face into the wall that I realised that I was not in my house. I was in the Philippines and I got UBBER HOMESICK! It only lasted a little while though. But that was so weird! Even a bowl of cereal now is a beautiful gift from heaven. I don't know what it will be like when I come home but I think I will be very grateful for sure! Anyway I just wanted to share that dream with you. If the dream continued you would probably come in and bust us all for eating outside the kitchen and eating cereal for dinner! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
Dear Tatay,
I forgot to answer your question about Mejo and it has been eating me up inside so I will tell you now. Mejo is translated "kind of or A little bit". So if I said Mejo pagod ako . It means that I am kind of or a little bit tired. In all actuality I am Sobrang pagod which means REALLY TIRED! JK So Chase's wedding was kinda weird. At least they will be married and Husband and Wife thru this rough hill that's coming up. Funny I accidentally typed Hell instead of Hill the 1st time but both make sense. (Chase is leaving for Iraq in March.)
Technology is pretty awesome when it works for you! Right now I am trying to make do with the stupid SD card reader that they gave me to work with and it just isn't doing the job so I might not be able to send pictures this time. Oh well. Next time. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I left the SD card reader you sent me at the apartment in my backpack. Oh well! The story about Dane sounds just like him. Make sure he doesn't rot away at the the computer now okay? He just loves my movies a little too much if you know what I mean. The little get away must have been nice and now you don't have to worry about the kids when you leave. Your little children have all grown up and belive it or not soon you too will be empty nesters! AHHHH!
I love you Dad so don't stress out too much with the Mandatory Promotion that you have been "blessed with!" LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN
Dear Devree,
Avatar the air bender season 2 episode............ I'm just kidding! I don't know the exact episode and if I did I would be dissapointed with myself and probably think I was a nerd that needed to get out of the house more which is partly true. IM OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR SURE NOW! Half way across the world in fact. Hey make sure Dane isn't rotting away on the computer now! You seem busy and William seems like a good buddy to have around. Sorry you are feeling kinda lonley. It's kinda rough being the third wheel. Believe it or not I kinda know how you feel. Manny has always seemed to have a girl friend and Me the third wheel but I guess it's not completly the same. I don't have a stalker! I wish I could use Face book and message you. I miss talking with you. Here's my movie quote, "Beg beg thats a good dog. BAD DOG never beg! (evil laugh) AH AH AH AH!" or how about this, "Lydia my towel's stuck in the door! Lydia Lydia LyyyyyyddddddiiiAAAAAAAAAAA!" Try that one on for size! I love ya little sis and brag about how tough you are to all my companions. Love Ya Elder HAmblin
Dear Dane,
GO OUTSIDE! No man should try to watch all the movies and cartoons that I have collected over the years. It's a foolish endeavor that will eat your life away and make you fat! I repeat step away from the computer Dane and GO OUTSIDE! It's for your own good! I love you and thats why I ask you to get outside! Dane it's okay every now and then to play on the computer and watch Avatar but seriously, outside is WAY more fun! Try not to cry into your pillow every night because you miss me! JK Love you Dane!
Elder Hamblin!
Dear Shay,
Seems that life is treating you well. Remember that when I was playing soccer freshman year, Sparks whooped our butts too! They just love soccer there and are dang good. So keep up the good spirits. We definitly are going to watch some seriously SCARY movies when I get home. I miss you bro. Love Ya Elder Hamblin
I love you all SOOOOO Much and miss you all....................and cold cereal!

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