Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19,2011

AHHHHHHHHH Dane your soo big! HAAAAAAAA! Thats CRAZY. If you couldn't tell I looked at the blog and man you're all growing up into handsome Hamblin boys! My Claim to fame here in San Mariano is just me! I am so interesting here to all the little Filippino kids. From my accent to the little freckles on my arm I am absolutley facinating to all these little kids and they all love poking me and seeing my skin turn funny colors! SOOOOOOO funny! People are confused on how, me a white American, can have black hair like they do! They wonder if I am a Filam or a Filippino American! It's hilarious! They love hearing me pray in English so I make a deal that if I pray in English, then they have to pray the next time. A lot of our investigators here are under 16 years old. The parents have no problem with us teaching but it's just rough. We want to teach the parents too! Here is just a few of our MANY progressing investigators.
There's The Wayett family; Mary Grace, Josifine Anthony, Melony, and Judy all the children of Mr and Mrs Wayett. They are good invetigators but are always happy and laughing which makes it hard for us to have spiritual moments but we are dealing with it!
Rep Rep is only 9 years old and lives with his Lolo and goes to church every Sunday and has really good support. His baptismal date is for the 1st of Oct. Mark John has the same date and lives WAAAYAYYAYAYYYYY out in the corn fields and we can only get a lesson with him every now and then but he has given up coffee and is on his way to being baptized. Virgie is the only investigator that we have that is over 20 years old. She's like 40+ and has a hard time understanding mya accent she is doing well also but is very busy in the afternoons. She's somehow related to the Bishop so I'll need to figure out how that all works! Kenith and Lika are some of our newest investigators and Kenith is a stud. She (yes I know she has a boy's name but we don't ask questions!) is awesome because she read the title page and all the testimonies in the BOM in like 2 days and has a testimony of Joseph Smith already. She's just a Rock Star! That's just to name a few. So as you can see we are TERRIBLY busy with the work here, that and the Zone Conference we just had with Pres. He gave us out DVD players so we can watch the Testaments and The Joseph Movie and stuff now at home. I know that it is an even BIGGER temptation now for missionaries to go to their local Palankay and buy those pirated DVDs and watch them at home now and I'm not too happy about that. I hope they have the common sense to stay away from that stuff! Well now I will try to answer all your questions!
Yes all the other languages are different branches of Tagalog so I catch a few words here and there but I can't get everything. The Talks sound nerve racking but good and the substituting sounds like the regular . I love how you do it for a month or 2 and then take a break from the horrible kids for awhile but not all of them are brats there is the few good ones that appreciate your efforts. Keep up the fantastic work! Oh and I did see the hot air balloons and they looked marvelous. I especially liked the Darth Vader one. What can I say I'm hoplessly nerdy! :P LOve ya Elder Hamblin
Muppet Treasure Island!!!! MY FAVORITE how do you remember every line that I just love. You're amazing you know that? The CES thing sounded pretty cool and the whole, "Bowser like in Mario" Thing made me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD in the internet shop and made my companion look at me funny. When I tried to explain it to him in Tagalog he didn't even know what Mario was so the joke kinda went stale! Here's my quote "Im falling apart!" "Martin whats happening to you?" "I'm going through a martian depression!" Guess that the last line is a give away I think! Sorry if my quotes are getting kinda lame I haven't watched a lot of movies in a long time! Love ya
ELder Hamblin
You should probably get outside more buddy. Too much Avatar rots the brain if you know what I mean! Jump on the tramp, ride the bike! Just get outside and I think you won't feel so lonley when no one wants to play with you at that time. I love ya Bro so stay active and happy and I'll be there to play when I get home alright? I hope you know that most kids can't even have candy for their birthdays here so be grateful for every thing love ya bro ELder Hambin
Im glad you aren't as stressed out latley and you are getting around and becoming a handsome Hamblin boy and I can't wait to jump off the rocks with you all at Lake Tahoe when I get home! I got to admit that the pictures made me a little trunky when I looked at them and I wanted to be home:( but I know I'm doing good stuff here and these people need me so the swimming and running and birthdays will have to wait till I get home. Seeing all the stuff you guys get to do made me think of how rich our family really is! You guys have the world placed before you on a silver platter! I hope you know that most kids can't even have candy for their birthdays here so be gratefull for every thing and I mean EVERYTHING! LOVE YA Elder Hamblin
1st of all thanks for teaching me how to play Chess. Everyone loves chess here and my ablilitties have been tested here. They got some tricky moves and have alot of time to practice so they are pretty darn good at chess here, Dad. Also I was just messing with you Dad. I wouldn't marry on my mission but the ladies are quite pretty here I'm not going to lie! So many Nanays have told me they could hook me up with a Filippina but I have to decline. They are serious, Dad! The Info is correct but the river boat ride doesn't go to Illagan. It just goes to the little island thing in our area. It takes a long ride in a jeepney to get to Illagan and the picture of the guy in the red shirt is just some random guy at the party. Elder Cajumban is the one with coal rubbed on his face like me in the pictures I sent you! Other than that the maps and stuff is all correct! The Scouting sounds like fun, well besides you know "Herding the Cats! Maybe they will call me to be a scout leader with them and you when I get home, who knows! I am reminded of that Sunday School lesson where they were talking about Fathers and Sons and they asked you if you would not want to be around your son. You couldn't bring yourself to even jokingly say that you didn't want me in your life. The kind of relationship we had then and now meant that I didn't even want to go a day without seeing my Dad and you didn't want to be separated from me either. Yet here we are me. Half way round the world and I still feel that you're close and we still have just as strong a relationship as we did back then! You can understand then how I feel about being away from my Dad. He's not there 24/7 to let me dip in my bucket into his wealth of knowledge and experience and to answer my questions and give me advice. I read that Conference talk about Fathers and Sons and can proudly say that we pass each test of becoming a better father/son relationship. Thanks for being a good example to us sons. You are the best Dad we could ever ask for. Thanks a ton. I can't wait to see you at the end of my bed giving me pearls of wisdom about marriage and life in college when I get home. I love you Dad :) I miss you too! I would love to be your scout master assistant but I've got a bigger work to do. Bigger than me or you will ever know and you know what that takes.
I love you all and I hope and pray that you all stay safe and sound and well fed by moms homemade cooking. One of the things I miss the most here in the field! LOVe YOu guys! ELder Hamblin

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 8:56 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Noble,
Wow a new area. It sounds very interesting. I was wondering if you had an island in the ocean but then you said it was a river. Sounds like a big island if there is lots of parts of the village on it. Going back and forth on the river sounds very fun. Hopefully by this week, you can tell us if you have some investigators. Your letter made Dad and I get tears when we read about the poor little family that had the miscarraige. Then how you gave a blessing and dedicated the little grave site. All so very sad. It made me remember back to my miscarraige and what a sad time for our family. I am very proud of you for doing those things in Tagalog. Are the other languages you said other dialects of Tagalog?
This week has been so busy that I am glad it is starting a new week. Our family was asked to speak in the Walker Branch which is past Lake Topaz. It is an 1 1/2 hour drive from our house. We drove past and had to come back around. We were asked to speak "On the Perfecting of the Saints". Everyone did a fantastic job.
I subbed 3 days last week at Riverview and one little 1st grade class kicked my behind. They were so loud, naughty etc. I had a wonderful 2nd grade class that only had 15 students in it. I taught them 2 days and I go back this week for 1 more day. I will be subbing for Stephanie Clarks class with austitic kids and on Friday there was a SCREAMER in the first grade class. I think they will kick my behind when I sub her class. Oh well. I will only do it for a day here and there.
Mrs. Smith quit teaching middle school band. She now is a vice-principal to an elementary school in Yerington. I saw her yesterday at the Dayton Valley Day Parade. I helped Mrs. Bum with the band. They looked awesome but didn't wear the feathers because there was a chance of rain. The parade was tiny with 17 entry's and the booths were not many this year. The economy is BAAAAAD.
I love you Noble and look forward to reading your letter in the morning.

Dear Elder Hamblin,
AP Government is hard. It makes me sad. Ummm. Not a lot of highlights. OH! We went to the CES fireside in Reno about the church schools! it was very informative and Allanah won a t-shirt! Today we went to the Walker Branch to speak. I spoke for a really long time and didn't give anyone else much of a chance. (oops) Guess what. THEY HAVE A BRITISH ELDER!!!!!! His name is Elder Ferris. And they also had another missionary named Elder Bowser! ISN'T THAT COOL?!?!? I asked him, "how do you say your name?" And he said "Bowser like in Mario" It was so cool. There's only typically one youth in all of Walker Branch. I feel bad for her. That would be so tough. How are you? Doing well I hope? Your movie was Elf! I LOVe that one!!! How could you think that I wouldn't know that from "pennnies from the heaven!" OK well here's my line; "Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim"
"I'm not JimJim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim! HE'S Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jim!"
"Yes Captain!"
"Beware, beware! Beware of running with scissors and other sharp pointy objects!"
Guess that!
(Don't read this if you already got it)
It's the same one as "We were sailing sailing the wind was on our side," "but then it died."
"How does she blooming do that?"
Well that's all I have to report. I LOVE YOU!!!!
Love your most favoritest sister in the whole wide world,
Dear Noble,
I had a good time today and I'm happy but no one will play with me. I bet you would play with me. Have that six pack yet? I watched the whole season of Avatar that you got me. It'll help me survive all the years you're gone. I try to watch the whole season everyday but unfortunately I don't. Make sure you give me instructions for that time machine and it better not be a smoothie. Wish you the best!
Love, Dane

Dear, Noble
You look like you’re having fun. Well I hope you’re having fun. I marched the Dayton Valley Days parade. It was very hot and sweaty kind of like in the Philippines. But I enjoyed it. It was funny seeing all of the boys pin up their long hair and put it in their bucket hats. Mom said “Why don’t they just cut their hair.” But I said “It was the height of fashion….she still won’t let me have long hair. Mom did call one of the guys a girl because we all look the same in our uniforms. Mom called them outfits and I said “Mom! I am a man and they are UNIFORMS!” Soccer is sooooooooo LONG. I don’t like soccer anymore and I can understand why you quit.
I gave a talk today in the Walker Branch today. I saw a boy that was at Scout camp. Dad EMBAAAARASSED ME in Priesthood. He said “Shay was hoping to meet all the cute girls his age here in the branch.” Then during class time they brought up that and the subject was “Sexual Purity”. The lesson was choosing the right wife, but I lived through it. Our Sunday School teacher was Aaron Bean’s mom. She is going to visit Aaron tomorrow at his new place in California . She remembered Aaron coming to their house and getting things to show you about the Philippines .
Well I love you bud and I hope you come back soon.
Love, Shay


Dear Elder Hamblin,

Holy Smokes Elder! You better (Ingat!). Hindi pinapanood magandang mga babae sa mission ka! This is how my translating went.

Kaya ko maglaba na pero medio matagal.
So I wash clothes yet but medio long.

Maraming magandang babae dito!
Many beautiful women here!

Pwede po ba ako mag-asawa dito sa mission ko?
Can I please marry my mission here?

Salamat Tatay. Ingat!
Thanks Dad. Caution! or Take care!

My take on it is that you were saying that it takes you a long time to wash your clothes by hand. So you were saying that there are a lot of beautiful Filippino women on your mission, and you are asking your Dad if you can get married so you don’t have to wash clothes anymore. J What a guy! LOL

Just remember my answer: Hindi. Hindi mag-asawa sa mission ka! LOL

Hey! What meio matagal mean? I didn't understand the medio part.

It tickles me that you are enjoying your Tagalog so much. The Filippino people are just awesome to work with, aren’t they? Mom & I would love to go to the Philippines to pick you up. I sure hope we can figure out how to do that.

I took the Scouts out again this last weekend. We hiked to Hobart reservoir and camped beside the lake. It was a small group and we were able to pass off a lot of requirements. I found myself wishing that you were my other Scout leader. We would have a lot of fun doing all that camping stuff together. Listen to this. Our dinner meal was Tinfoil Taco’s. We made all of the taco meat at home and then wrapped it in tinfoil like a tinfoil dinner. Then we put it over the fire and flipped it back and forth until the meat was hot and lovely. Then you make up your tacos with hard or soft tortillas. Yummy!

Little Red is doing just fine after his life or death operation. We attach the aluminum ramp to the tailgate and drive the quad right up there. Shay and I were going along and went over a bump. Hmmm… I need to rewind a little bit. Low Rider really wanted to go to. So Shay, Low Rider and I were riding along and went over a bump. Low Rider was supposed to crouch down and be safe, but he kept standing up so he could feel the wind in his face. When we went over the bump, Low Rider went flying. He rolled over once or twice and ran back to us so he could hop on and go again!

Well, it is getting late Noble and I need to send off your letter.

Ingat anak ko!

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