Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24th, 2012

A picture of a mama pig in the mud. She is pregnant and ready to deliver in March I think so what a bummer I won’t be there for that! Oh well.

We went back to the pet shop and I got to hold some more creepy crawlies.

                     1st we started off with the Scorpion ranging at around 5 inches long.  The scorpion liked to crawl all over my arms and got dangerously close to my face. (NOTE: stinger still intact)

2nd we have the baby Tarantula.

(NOTE: When this guy grows up, his bite will paralyze his victims and could very well put me into a comma.)

Very colorful as a baby this guy was cute and quite fuzzy which is a very interesting feeling on your hand!

I like the first picture cause it’s got the spider and then my name tag in the background. Cool stuff.

Okay so here are some pictures of Machetes that you might like.  Just tell me what you think.

I love ALL these machetes.  -Signed Dad

Hey Everybody!!!!
     Wow what a quick week it has been. Here are some head lights for this last week:
  Christmas party at the mission home was great. We did a skit that involved me and my zone in Christmas colored shirts singing the song from Alvin and the Chipmunks :Please Christmas Don't Be Late. I liked it and it worked out alright. I have my good buddy Elder Fry take a video so we can watch that when I get home... don't worry. Anyways, that's life in the Philippines. We are celebrating Christmas Eve by eating at ChickBoys and having Rice and Chicken Breasts for lunch. YA! Hey it was better than Thanksgiving. I am sorry to admit but I do have a letter I want to send off to you all. Unfortunately every post office is closed and I should have planned ahead but hey you can all suck it up and get your letter a little late. Just know it is soon to be in the mail on its way to you so be happy and feel the love. Other than that, the work is going great. We have Sister Trinidad getting ready for Baptism in January along with two other investigators but to tell you the truth, one investigator we found drunk yesterday and the other didn't come to church sooooooo their dates will undoubtedly be pushed back a few weeks. Other than that, I can't stop looking at the package you guys sent me. "Killing me softly Killing me softly...." Can't wait till Christmas. Now for your email to me:
        Dear Dane,
   You are looking good dude! I bet the ladies are crawling all over you when you're holding that Baritone. (I know they were all over me and I was just playing an old Trombone!) JK I love ya Dane, I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too and a HAPPY NEW YEAR cause ya know 2013 is just around the corner! I think you will like the letter I am going to send off to you all. There's some Noble Love in there for you! Sorry your Ice skating rink didn't turn out like you planned. Oh well there's always next year! Have a Merry Christmas Love Elder Hamblin
        Dear Shay,
   Dang you, You are getting skinny and lean. I wish that would've happened to me my freshman year. I blame video games and TV for a large part of my rapid weight gain especially before entering the MTC. But you will be surprised when I come back. Me and my comp like to work out in the mornings and I am up to 20 pushups now so WATCH OUT MISTER! Haha! :D We will definitely have some fun times working out and getting buff. I want to take a Picture of you me and Dane flexing and then post it on Face book as "100% HAMBLIN BEEF!" That sounds pretty funny to me! Well Skype ya soon!
    LOVE, well.....
             you know who!
      Dear Devree,
   Your Movie was Finding Nemo. Its a good one. I just think of Alice in Wonderland when I watch it and I never really enjoyed either. I don't know. Finding Nemo has funny jokes and Alice in Wonderland has the cat. Both are good. Here's my movie:
     "Your entrails will be come your ex trails! I will...PAIN! LOTS OF PAIN!!!"
     "A man can change his stars!"
     "The force of the last blow has bent the helmet to my head."
     "Green, a sort of tan green, with wooden toggles..."
It's one of my favorites. I hope you get it if not....."It's called a lance....HELLO!!!!!!!"
     I am excited to be back but what’s this buisness about going to St. Judes! Is that when I get back exactly? I don't know. As long as I get to see ya when I get home. That's what's most important. I miss my little sister. Don't want anything bad to happen to you. I know you’re safe. I miss you all the same though. I know you will all take good care of me when I get back! We are going to do EVERYTHING........TWICE!!!!!! Love ya. Elder Hambz

     Dear Mom,
         Thanks again for the quick chat. Sorry you really had to stay up for that one! I will try to be there and Skypeing by 8am so I don't keep you guys up. Man, it is going to be hard to adjust to that when I get home. ANYWAYS, I am very excited to Skype you all and talk about the mission and Christmas and stuff. There is so many stories and things to share! GOSH! I can't wait! Of course you all have to remind me along with my companion that I only have 1 month left. GOSH! Thanks a lot guys. The pressure is really on. I am trying to get everything ready to go so that I don't freak out like Elder Galang did his last week. Despite my preparation, I still feel there will be things I have to finish and I still will be stressed that last week like all missionaries are. I just don't want to let anybody down ya know? I like making people happy. I don't want to let you or Dad or my siblings down. I don't want to let my investigators down I don't want to let God down. I have to be Noble. I can't let myself down! A lot of hopes and dreams have been made real on the mission. I just hope I can get one more person into the waters of baptism before I get kicked out of the mission. I love being a missionary Mom. It's the best calling in the WORLD. It's a calling everyone has. I just won't be able to fulfill my calling as a missionary full time when I go home. I'll still be a member missionary though. Me and the missionaries will be good friends unlike how I was before I entered the MTC where they came they ate our food and shared a thought and then left. I want to help them out more. Anyways I can't wait to Skype! Love your son who can't wait to Skype!

      Dear Dad,
   I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO SKYPE YA ALL! The time is drawing near and I just want to make sure it all works out alright!
        Hey about the storm, Nothing really bad happened here. We were in the middle of a lesson when all of the sudden it started dumping rain on the tin roof of the house. The rain came down so hard it made such a racket on the tin roof that we couldn't even hear ourselves think so we just waited for a minute or two and sure enough, the rain passed on and we continued our lesson. This whole week we haven't really seen the sun. It comes out in patches and then just dark clouds all day. I have no problem with that cause that means that I don't have to walk in the heat. No problem with me!
     THE HOBBIT PART 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited. I was excited now I'm REALLY excited! No doubt some of the RM missionaries are going to be emailing me about that soon. Can't wait to go home and see that on our TV! Anyways, so ya the snow man looked AWESOME!! I liked it! They did great with the 1and1/2inches they had to work with. 
           I also have some bad news. I think my SD card has an auto run virus on it. SO That means I have to buy a DVD to back up my pictures videos again and maybe wipe her clean once again just to make sure it's gone. I hate having to do that. Well, I only have to endure a little longer and then I won't have to worry about pluging it into every nasty computer in the Philippines. The trials of a nerd in the Philippines. Love ya Dad, Love Elder Hamblin

                   Like I have always said, when you come to the Philippines you must be prepared to throw safety out the Jeepney window. As long as you aren't bleeding yet it’s okay. Some people would say I'm crazy for holding such things in my hands. To tell you the truth I would agree with those people. But I do it because I can and I seize the opportunity when I see one. I am a different person for sure! I am not the chubby boy who hopped on the airplane two years ago. I'm different. Different but better. We'll talk more on Skype! Love ya enjoy the pics! Love Elder Hamblin!

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