Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012

Thanks Shay for the extra stuff! I am so sorry but the stupid Branch is putting on an FHE for Elder Galang at 4pm. It's 4pm and they texted us at 3:45pm that we just HAVE to come. Which, in short means that I will not be able to send a large letter to you all today. BUT fear not! For I am going to type till they shut off my computer! I love you all and wish you all the best!
Dear Devree,
Bill and Ted
"he's still, JUICY!"
guess that! Love you 38 DAYS LESS! WHOOO!

Dear Shay,
MWHAAAAAAAAH! I love you and you are sexy without your shirt on. Don't let the girls get to you. Love your big bro. Elder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
Work out more. You can work out with me and Shay when I get home. I'll help you do Push ups army style and then, you will look like an Underwear model like Shay. Love ELder Hambz

Dear Mom,
Pray for Robin, He's going to be baptized next Saturday. Pray he's on time and doesn't get tempted too much. Pray that Tatay Torrez and Ranie Uy come to church Love Elder Hamblin.

Dear Dad,
Pray for me to finish strong. I have to admit I am A noble not a saint. I am trying to be good and to finish strong. Pray that I will not loose desire. I love you Elder Hambz

Sorry I can't write more right now. If we come back to the internet shop it will be a miracle. Love Elder Hamblin

P.S. Pictures next time!

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