Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6th Tremendous News!

Okay everyone listen up I got a text from President Carlos today. Due to the influx of new missionaries entering the field President has to do something about all the noobs coming in. So, He gave me and my batch a choice it was either to go home on March 27th or on January 23rd.Both Elder Oliver and Elder Huffstuttler asked their families both said it just makes more sense to go home early in January to earn money get ready for school. I still wanted to finish my two years like I planned. But once I started thinking about it and such I realized it just makes since to go home a bit early.
        By the time I started going to the January side I get a text from President that says that yes we are going home on January 23rd cause if my whole batch goes home on that day the set of new missionaries and the set of departing missionaries equals out exactly and therefore making Presidents job way easier. SO that's the news guys. I'm coming home on January 23rd whether I like it or not. (I choose to love it)


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