Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17th, 2012 -Elder Ballentos

Noble gets to hold a spider. He doesn't look too thrilled!
Noble with Robin Caronan before his Baptism.
The family who probably owns the pet store.
The spider from the pet store.
Elder Ballentos is happy about holding the spider, unlike Elder Hamblin.
This tarantula that couldn't come out of his cage because he bites.

   I swear I am going to kill the man who wrote that song. At the same time, it grows on me day to day as I hear it EVERYWHERE!

           How you all DOING!? I am SOOOOO Sorry that my email was short last time but we had to go to a farewell party for Elder Galang which of course everyone was late to naturally. I am excited for my family. Christmas is close and we need to talk about skype-ing. So I was thinking Either Christmas Day here or the day after Christmas here. How does that sound. Maybe you should all just be on stand by have the computer ready for whenever I hop on line. Who's up right now? If anyone is up talk to me.
Kay so I'll explain those pictures in a bit.
        Skype if you've don't have any preferences I would like it Christmas day or the day after here in the Philippines. I will just hop online and you find my name. It's the same as last time. nobletheohamblin I think. SO just stick with what we did with last time. I will email you when I'm at a computer and ready to go. I love you all and I can't WAIT to skype you all to DEATH!
         My new companion is AMAZING! His name is Elder Ballentos and he is guapo just like Elder Galang. He is ALWAYS SMILING and that helps me smile too. He is determined to make my last cycle the best. I am going to miss him dearly. I hope that I can keep in contact with him through Facebook AFTER his mission. He's just awesome!
       Dear Mom,
           The Baptism went great! Robin Caronan was baptized. (He's the one on the right of me in that VERY bright picture! I hope to be able to keep in contact with him as well. He is an awesome guy. He is 15 years old already wants to serve a mission and he's preparing for it with a trikey job and selling corn and ice cream. He is a hard worker and already is excited to receive the priesthood and pass the sacrament with his awesome friends. I love this guy! He's my hero. He's now the only member of his family but he's got a lot of support. A lot of RM's in his area where he lives. He'll be just fine!
           SO WAIT! HOLD THE PHONE! Jason Wheeler is getting married to Riley Fraser on December 28th!?!?!?!? What a match! I'm bummed I'll miss that wedding. I would totally be someones best man!(Editors note:  They did not marry each other.)  Well if we did things like that in the church. Anyways, I am STOKED to know that I have 50 extra dollars to blow which technically means I AM LOADED! WHOOO! PLUS I checked my balance on my credit card the church gives us to budget our money. I have been withdrawing 100 pesos less than the actual amount that they put in each time. I haven't had too many problems but when I checked my balance, guess what? The collected amount of extra 100 pesos added up and now I have an extra 5,000 pesos in my account. Plus the 50 dollars which translates into 2,150 pesos. Ya the Package may happen. I am LOADED PALA! Now I've got how many day's Devree, to blow 7,150 pesos? Every P-Day is precious right now and there is NEVER enough time to do every thing but we are definitely putting my Personal Management Merit Badge skills to the test. Pray that I won't chop of my head please Mom!
       Mom, I am so sorry about what happened to that nice lady you were visiting teaching. I wasn't able to respond well last time but know that I feel for you. I have some stories to tell and some when I get home and not all are about spiritual experiences and funny things I've eaten. Some of my stories are about the heart ache I've seen here. Due to selfishness. A lot of people tend to suffer. Know that I am here for ya Mom. It sounds like you are recovering well so I don't mean to get your spirits down and make you sad but I know about the loss and I understand it better because of my mission. Know that I love you and miss you and pray for you all everyday. Love Elder Hamblin
        Dear Devree,
            I'm gonna be straight up with you your day sounded like it sucked but at least you'll be home for Christmas. You are getting more and more independent everyday and I know Mom and Dad love seeing that! I do too, but it kinda scares me as well. Don't grow up too fast now!!!! Your movie was MATILDA! That is our kinda movie. I miss it! You and me are definitely going to play this game when I get home! Here's my quote:
     "They can sing they can dance after all miss this is France and the dinner here is never second best!"
      "In a town where only she, is as beautiful as me."
      "You over sized pocket watch!" 
   I miss ya Devree and we are going to have some good times when I get back. You, me the kindle fire. HA! I miss ya little sis. I liked your narration of your horrible start to your wonderful Christmas. At least the car didn't break down! That would STINK!
    Elder Hamblin
 Dear Shay,
        I think I should come home for Christmas don't you? Don't worry I will definitely make it for Valentines Day! So save a kiss for me will ya? MWAAAAAH! Love ya bro!
   P.S. I can't nap. It's not a part of my DNA bro! We are gonna have fun while all the old people nap hows that sound? Even if I have to eat a pound of sugar to stay awake from the Jet Lag I'll do it dude! You watch! You should be more careful with ornaments that have a lot of sentimental value. People will like you more! Hey Shay, hows your girlfriend in Seminary doing? You may wonder how I know so much that's a secret that you will figure out during our skype session! See ya (literally) then! Love Elder Hamblin
    Dear Dane,
        Sorry your Basketball team stinks. At least your name is alright ish! Whats with Old people napping? Dane I hope you have a very merry Christmas. You Deserve it! I hope you like the picture of the spider on my hand. It was pretty big. Elder Ballentos is the bomb and is way more manly than I am! He got that guy close to his face! I liked the spider even though I almost pooped my pants when the owner put it on my hand! He was hairy and large. But friendly and kinda just chilled on my hand there enjoying the view. The owner of the shop said he has a bigger one that is super nice as well. I'll send pictures of that next P-Day hopefully! Love ya Dane. Love Elder Hamblin
        Dear Dad,
               SO POPS ABOUT THE PICTURES! SO the animal ones are from Sunday night. We went to a pet store that is owned by a member and President Munoz said a prayer for their shop to be safe and successful. It was a great opportunity to have a party apparently. We ate well. I talked with the sister there and her husband was the one who helped me over come the fear and hold the whopping quarter sized spider. I am such a man! I almost pee'd my pants just having it sit on my hand. He had a tarantula there also but he bites so he stayed in the cage for his close up picture. I hope to send more cool pics to show my brothers how manly I was! I laugh at the crazy stuff I am down with now that I have self esteem and confidence. Missionaries are the coolest people on the earth cause we do awesome stuff everyday to help others come unto Christ. BEST JOB EVER!!! I am stressed like crazy and my back hurts. I am tired of going to bed at 11pm almost every night and I hate the heat in December but at the same time, I am enjoying every second of it. Every time I look at my watch now it ticks back at me telling me the bomb is about to blow I only got a little time left and it is definitely my time to shine pops! I'm loving it every second!
           You guys keep planning the most awesome week known to mankind so when I get home we can party hardy! I love you all and I have NEVER doubted that you don't all love me as well. I just let you know that I love you each letter so you know I haven't completely forgotten my family during my time here in the Philippines. Love ya Dad now and para sa walang hanggang! Mahal Kita Tatay. Ingat ka! Don't forget, Ang simbahan ni Jesucristo ay totoo at walang ibang simbahan dito sa mundo na meron ang mga apostle at mga propeta at ang paghahayag at ang Priesthood katulad ng simbahan ni Jesucristo ng Mga Banal Sa Huling Araw! Mahal Kita Tatay. Love
       Elder Hamblin
  Philippines Cauayan Mission

    Spider Pics done
     Robins Baptism done
     any questions.....? No? well then take care Elder Hamblin

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