Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 30th, 2012

We have me in the bukid in the mud.
And let us not forget the monkey on the fridge. He's chillin all over the house.

             I am very happy for you all! I understand that Christmas was an overwhelming success at the Hamblin House! I miss you all. Even if you're trunky! Ha :D
           Things are doing aright. We kinda got flooded out of our house. I pretty much lost everything. We have been walking the streets begging for food. I am missing one of my fingers and two of my toes with a broken elbow. Elder Ballentos broke his spline. We are hungry and tired and trying to find a place to sleep each night which is rough.....
  No we're doing fine! There was like little rain and things are going fine. I'm alive and well so is Elder Ballentos. The brute of that horrible storm passed through the southern part of the Philippines. Please pray for the people down south they need your prayers. I only see tid bits of news on members TV's but from what I can tell a large part of the Philippines is starving to death right now. The supply trucks are on the way though. Just pray for them please!
        The work is doing great. Neither Tatay Torrez or Ranie came to Church today so please keep praying for them both. Please also pray for Sister Trinidad. She is hopefully our next baptism in January. Please pray that we can help her be ready for this life changing event. She still has some preparation to go! Bless her to feel the members love.
          I have to be honest with you I am kinda trunky now. I have been evaluating the space in my luggage and what I should keep/leave/give to members. Can I give Devree's Philippino Joke Book away to my companion Elder Ballentos? He really likes the Bastos jokes Devs! If you don't mind. You just say the word though Devree and I will bring it back and translate the really dirty jokes for you! Whatever you want Devs. I don't mind saying no to him! He'll understand! The members here are like vultures. They just want everything I own! And ICE CREAM! They always tell me to buy them ICE CREAM! I really don't understand why I must spend ridiculous amounts of money for them. I usually don't. Anyways, that’s life for Elder Hamblin right now. Now for your emails:
        Dear Mom,
                Christmas is always a blast when you're around. I can't wait to have the farewell party! I can't wait to see you all again. Is it really 3 weeks! It's just so close its not real! I don't know if I can get a package together that fast! Anyways, I would love to see the house all Christmas'd up and my Laptop under the Tree! There is a song on the Christmas CD Elder Bates left me that I sometimes sing when I am trunky. Its by Michale Buble and Its called, "I'll be Home for Christmas" you might know it! I miss you all! Can't wait to talk to you face to face. Hey, don't worry about me so much. The Lord protects his servants. Have a little Faith that we know what we're doing. We are well informed as to what we must do in a natural disaster. No interview yet with President Carlos. That will happen hopefully next Wed at one of the leadership meeting. We'll see......
          I miss you all and wish you all a Happy New Year from the Future! Be good keep praying for the people try not to cry yourself to sleep at night thinking of me eating noodles for New Years Eve. (jk we're making adobo!)
                                          Love, Elder Hamblin

        Dear Devrs,
                Your movie was Shanghai Noon! Gotta love that classic. I hope to not only see the new shows but also watch the classics as well! I just have a lot of junk to do when I get back. Good thing I'll be working out in the morning so I don't like get super fat again!
              Sounds like  YOU got some awesome stuff for your Birthday! Hopefully I can figure out my new laptop and then I can face book you from inside the house! I can play Portal on it too! I'm just super excited if you can't tell! I wish you were going to be here when I get back but I guess a can wait a little more. (I have been waiting 2 years you know!) Ok, here's my movie,
     "Well here in the animal kingdom we have our own version of the story..."
    I'm sorry thats coming from the song and thats all I got right about now Devree. I am losing my mind right now! Don't worry I will be back to normal soon though! There is just so much to do today and we have to hurry cause we have LOCK DOWN at 6pm tonight so we're safe and not out with the drunk people at night. New Years is like a war zone here. Anyways I love ya and wish you the best! Love Big Bro Elder Hamblin

          Dear Shay,
                 You got to let me play with your I-touch when I get back! I can't wait to play whatever you want to play when I get back!
                You know I have to get used to the cold again when I get back. It's gonna be a little rough. I have been adjusted to a tropical climate so I don't sweat like crazy in hot humid weather. I don't know. I think that I have adjusted and now I am going to have to adjust again. That and food. There is no doubt Shay that the first week of food without rice is going to clog up my digestive system or put it on hyper drive. I am going to have to visit the bathroom a bit when I get home! I love ya bro and I hope you are as excited as I am about me getting home and partying hard! I love ya and stay safe. Love Elder Hambz

       Dear Dane,
            It's amazing how much you have grown. You have your own MP3 now and are into alternative rock and The All American Rejects! You are growing up WAY too fast! I won't even recognize you when I get back! You will be some crazy huge awkward monster of a brother that has a cracky voice and can express himself clearly now! That is just weird enough as it is! Well I am kinda in a rush today Dane. But if there is snow when I return, then there will most DEFINITELY be a snowball fight of EPIC PROPORTIONS! I miss ya Dane ya cutie pie and I can't wait to see you! LOVE, Elder Hamblin

         Dear Dad,
                You are by far the most trunky of all the trunky Dads. 3 weeks left.....WHY'D YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT! BAH! I really don't know what is going to happen. I have been busy left and right. We have just been all over the place and I don't even have time to think straight! I have been secretly looking online like Amazon for a good pair of nice professional Head Phones for my Laptop so I can listen to all the colors of the wind and get into the game with my new PC. I am seriously trunky when it comes to stuff like that. I want to be a missionary still and I want to go home at the same time. You remember Dad when my hair was being pulled every which way those last months before entering the MTC when I broke up with my ex-girlfriend? It's like that but WORSE! Cause this isn't just a silly high school relationship this is my mission. I call these people family right now! It’s hard to leave it all. I don't know. That’s coming from my mixed up heart. Do with that what you like. I am just confused as to what my heart should feel right about now!
                The investigators are not progressing very fast right now. We just have been kinda handicapped with all the parties going on right now with the Branches and Districts. A lot of stuff to do in a very little time! Well, I love you all and I wish you the best! I hope that you don't worry too much about me! I pray that you will all be safe almost every night! I love you and miss you all and will send pictures maybe! LOVE ELDER HAMBLIN  
SO ya in these two emails you have the old guy who rocked on the guitar for our Christmas party on the 29th. We also have me in the bukid in the mud. Me relaxing in the chair with super muddy pants. And let us not forget the monkey on the fridge. He's chillin all over the house. I love you all stay happy and safe. LOVE Elder Hamblin!


sorry they are cutting us short today so I got to do. Pics next time. Love ya. BYE!!!!

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