Monday, January 7, 2013

January 6, 2013

         Dear Trunky Family,
     I am excited to hear from you all and and loving the Philippines at the same time. I am very excited for the bachelor party when I get back to the good old United States! I'm almost brought to tears thinking about a 1/2lb burger and a Strawberry Shake from Fudderukers! It's gonna be a party indeed.
     I am making an executive decision and not bringing back the quilt I brought here.Its  ridiculously heavy. I just washed it all by hand earlier and realized I probably don't have room for it in my luggage. We'll see... That and I am going to leave the joke book with Elder Ballentos cause he LOVES the potty humor. If you want a preview of what I read, I won't write the horrible things I found in that book in an email. It was gross. We'll just let Elder Ballentos have at it. He enjoys the jokes more than me anyways. Sorry Devs. Your Humor beats Dirty Tagalog jokes any day of the week!
      The work is going great and Me and Elder Ballentos are tearing it up my last cycle. I am going to leave it all on the table and then when my time is done and President Carlos kicks me out I will head on home and know I have done well and will not have any regrets and be able to know the mission will be in good hands. The loose ends I leave will be finished with the new breed of missionaries coming in and that is fine with me. I guess my time is through and I just need to go home and party. Enough said..... Now for you guys! 

Dear Devree,
        My movie was the Disney version of Robin Hood but I could think of nothing else to write so ya I can see why It was hard! Oh well, I got yours! NO PROBLEM! It was Lady Hawk. I love that movie and the character Mouse. He is so interesting to me. I love the actor as well he plays the part beautifuly. I love America! It's movie's it's humor, its women, everything about it! Except the president. We could do without that problem. Anyways, I love and miss you Devrs and Understand that you are counting down the days. Don't worry I'll be home soon enough! OKAY, Here's my quoute:
      "How bout a girl whose got a BRAIN. That always speaks her mind? NAH!"
   Devree you are most definitely a girl whose got a brain! Thats why I thought of this quote. That and if you noticed. Alot of my quotes just come straight from the songs of the movies they're in. I can't think of anything else from the movies right about now. I am losing my mind as you well know. I am trying hard to finish strong Devree and to do my best. Just be there for me when I get back to help me adjust. I love you and can't wait till you facebook me from your Kindle Fire just cause! Love,  ELDER HAMBLINO

Dear Shay,
       Sorry Mom and Dad have to be the kill joys but ya know eventually all good things have to come to an end ya know! Well, except like Eternal Life and Love and such. You can pretty munch enjoy that stuff for like....eternity bro! Anyways, How are you doing? School is gonna start soon if it hasn't already. Are you ready for that? It's a bummer that you have to be in school but it will make it so much more fun when you get back. We'll help you out with homework and then party hardy! I'll grow a beard and you can grow a mustache and the world will be ok again! How's that sound? I miss ya Shay. But don't worry, These next couple of weeks are going to fly by you'll see! I'll be home before you can say Portal 2! See you on the flip side! ELDER HAMBLINZ

Dear Dane,
        Hey, I am glad that you all made it back safe and sound ya know! That would have been horrible if you didn't! I'm sorry you and shay have to still fight over the back seat. Why does it seem that in a car you always have to stretch out but you never have enough space? Am I right!!!! ANYWAYS, I miss ya Dane of course we are going to have oodles of fun when I get back. There will be food and music and games and lots and lots of time swimming if it's possible. Hopefully some sledding! I love you all and miss you. See ya soon!!! LOVE, Elder Hambz

Dear Mom,
       I am seriously going to write the paragraphs now on BESMART.COM I am sorry I didn't last week. We're just always so darn busy at the computer shop with Presidents letter each week and all the other stuff we have to do. I promise I will jump right on that. The interview I have set with President Carlos for BYUI is at the same time I have my Exit interview so I won't waste his time. SO I will get that out of the way one week before I get out of here. I am just really busy, and am losing my MIND!
      I have one more baptism on the horizon. Sister Trinidad. Set for the 19th of January. Pray for her that She'll be ready for the interview on the 12th. Your prayers and our fasts have been answered. She has made great progress in the Book of Mormon when Before she could barley manage to read the pamphlets before each lesson. She is some where near Chapter 9 in 1Nephi so that is some progress. Some of the members have expressed concerns that Sister Trinidad is only getting baptized because she thinks she will get money for the church. I am refusing to believe that on what I've seen. This member says she knows she's not ready because she is her next door neighbor. (This member has not sat in one lesson with us while we taught her. SO I refuse to take her comments seriously.) We are setting up her interview on the 12th the Saturday before so please pray for her that she will study hard remember everything and not get nervous in the interview, please. She needs it!
           Mom, thanks for all the support and love you have shown me and my investigators. It means alot that you and the family pray for them. Thank you! LOve, ELder Hamblin
       Dear Dad,
     You truly are the most trunky Dad in the whole universe. But I love you anyways! I know that it is going to be great! I get a ridiculously big smile on my face when I think about seeing you all when I come home.
      Thank you so much for your little bit in the email. I needed to hear that. I can't wait to meet the NEW Uncle Ben! I have tried to create a good relationship with President Carlos. I don't think he hates me. Lets just say he is my good friend that I fear, love, and respect all the same time.
        I have just recently been feeling the whole "NO REGRETS" thing. No Regrets does not mean you were perfect. It just means you were trying your hardest your whole mission to be perfect and you were really good at repenting. Some times I have asked myself while walking to appointments, "Can I really look President Carlos in the Eye's and tell him I have no regrets?" Can I? I think everyone as people they should've talked to or lessons you should have taught or things you should have said to a disobedient companion but you zipped your lips so he wouldn't hate you for a week. There are things I can't go back and change, but I can choose to do better each day and that way I have no regrets. I have overcome temptations and have taught the gospel in each of my areas. I have seen the fruits of my labors and have seen people's heart's change. I have served a great mission. I know that. I just have to get over the fact that I'm not superman and I can't do everything right. I just try to make everyone happy which is impossible apparently. I don't know how many time I have to learn that lesson!
          What I am trying to say is I can't wait till I go home and have you my real Dad to love and care for me like you have all these years. The Dad who knows me inside and out and will never leave me down the creek without a paddle. Thanks Dad for the Advice. I have come to the conclusion that I need to love the Philippines while I can so you go ahead and be trunky and I will love you when I get home!
                          Love, Elder Hamblin


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