Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13th, 2013

Dear Hamblin Family,
        You are all trunky! I refuse to be trunky! I can be trunky
when I'M DEAD. I don't have TIME to be trunky! Everything is just
going by so fast! I have been talking with people in my batch. Looks
like BYUI is the place to be my friends! I just have to take the SAT
and ACT first. I think that would be a good thing to study and
schedule for BEFORE the awesome Easter Break thing!  Just thinking out
loud guys. Tell me what you think. I need to look into times and
places and get something set up so I can take the study hard take the
test get a good grade and get accepted already so I will b good to go!
I am soooooo excited to see you all there soon! There is a lot to do
before I go home! But it’s alright, we're just gonna ride it out!!! I
will see you all....*sniff*.....eventually when I get back. I can't
believe I wait for 2 years and my Mom my own mother and my only sister
don't care enough to show up at the airport! *sniff* *sniff* Just
Kidding. You are both going to definitely love to see me when You get
home. I'll just beat you home! HA!
          KAY:) about Sister Trinidad. She had her Baptismal
Interview last Saturday right before and Area Broadcast for all the
Philippines and good news...she passed! *sigh* BUT now we have one
baptism to preform my last Saturday here in the Philippines which
makes things a little hectic indeed! Busy is better than not busy
right now. If I wasn't busy I would be loads more trunky right now. I
am currently in the process of finishing strong and not being a idiot
like some of  the RM's I've seen here and slacking off my last week
cause I going home. The thought is finally sinking in. I am definitely
going home. There is no getting around it. It is going to happen. No
none of the less I will do my best to the bitter end until President
Carlos tells me to get out! I am loving this last week even though
every day is like I'm running around with my head chopped off!
        Anyways, can't wait to see you all! Be safe and make good
choices! Love ya!! Now for your many letters!
    Dear Dane,
          Sounds like you are enjoying yourself! Sounds like school
is a challenge but fun at the same time for you! Just as it should be.
I always remembered Middle School as the beginning being super hard
and lonely and then the end triumphant and going on to High School
with the world as your oyster! Enjoy free education while you can
Dane. College isn't free and  you will pay dearly for it! Just
remember that you have to have good friends like Madsen that will help
you choose the right and help you be better than who you are. If your
friends don't respect your rules and your beliefs than they're not
true friends and you should ditch'em! Just some Noble advice for ya
little bro. I am the eldest (panganay) and you are the youngest
(bunso) so From the Panganay to the Bunso... ingat sa mga kaibigan mo!
Malaking influence sila sa ugali mo at lahat ng decisions mo! I bet
your brain is bleeding isn't it? That’s alright! That’s normal for
people who hear Tagalog for the first time! I love ya Dane! Love Mahal
kita!!!! Elder Hamblin!!!

    Dear Shay,
        Good old Shay. There is much to do when we have the Bachelor
party when I get back. Video Games, Movies, Quads, and Foods! I don't
know what to do first! Sorry Shay, it’s hard to focus right now. Let me
explain. I am currently in the computer shop of a Less Active brother
right now. His wife is one of our investigators. I am trying really
hard to focus on the screen right now because the sister of the less
active brother is sitting right behind me and she is kinda cute. You
could say she’s one of the girls I crush on here in ROXAS because there
are A LOT of cute sisters here in Roxas! Ok she left WHEWWWW! Gosh I
told Elder Ballentos that I thinks she's cute and ever since then he's
been trying to pair us up at any moment in very uncomfortable
situations! I don't know. He's a turd sometimes! ANYWAYS!!! Trying
soooo hard not to be trunky!!!! I will be home before you know it Shay
and we are gonna "party everyday pa pa pa party every day! Cause I got
a feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night!" Can't wait dude and
I can't wait to see you again! Love Elder Hamblin

    Dear Devree,
        Fill up my cup, moseltoph! You are going to love it when you
come home and are going to hate it when you have to go again and then
love it when you come back again. I've got a lot more tests to take
for school and stuff. If you can talk around and get some good ideas
and material to study to get me ready for the SAT or ACT that would be
fantastic! I need some books and some guides to study to help me get
ready to go! Just talk to your friends and see what they did and give
me some tips when I get home. I want to get a nice high score and get
into BYUI no problem! I know I can I just am thinking ahead you know?
So any help would be nice!
        SO lets see your movie was.... The Sand Lot. My favorite line
        "Jason I want Christmas."
        "Well maybe I could talk to some people sweety and.."
        "Jason, now!" or
        "I have to leave the country for a while"
        " Then you have to go. YOU BETTER BE BACK FOR CHRISTMAS!!!"
.................... okay try that on for size!
    Devs I miss you and can't wait to play this game in person! Love,
Elder Hamblin

      Dear Mom,
          Your trunky but you like to think ahead and getting my room
was something essential that needed to happen! BUT you didn't need to
tell me about it! GOSH! I can't wait to have a real mattress and a
king size one at that! (Dad can take the credit for making me trunky
about the king size bed!) I'm just excited to see my family again!
It's a bummer you and Devree still have to go for  check ups at ST.
JUDES but I understand the reasoning! Just get home soon ok? I miss
you and Devree A LOT! I can't wait to see you both when I get back!
Thanks for getting my room all set up! You are the best Mom. I'm sorry
Dad craps up things. I may be a little like him. I guess I'm just more
organized with my "crap" ya know? I can't wait till I go to College ya
know? I have friends here in the mission that all want to be my room
maties when I grow up and go to BYUI! I am excited to learn and get a
good job but most of all to find a girl who will put up with me for
all time and eternity! It’s all a process ya know! Step by step. But
before that We are all going to party hardy and you will probably have
to make us all go to bed so that the boys will wake up for seminary
still! Heck, I'll probably be the one giving them a ride! HA! I love
you mom take care and don't forget I love you and I guess I can wait
an extra 6 days to see you! (according to Devree!) LOVE YOU

      Dear DAD,
          They are playing Left For Dead 2 right now on both my left
and my right side and I am about to join them.......listening to the
good angel on my right shoulder saying, "DON'T DO IT!" and then the
Devil on my right shoulder saying, "It's okay, you go home in what 10
days right? It's doesn't make a difference!" I am battling with my
inner soul right now! I choose not to join them. I still have to be
able to listen to the spirit later on today. The Lord needs all my
heart, might, mind and soul! Not 3/4ths! I am always battling with my
inner soul. It's rough but I am trying hard. I find comfort in the
fact that I am not losing anything by not giving into temptation. It
will all be there for me when I get back. SO until then.....I will
painfully......wait.......till......I....get home! AGHHH! Why is this
so hard! I'm just going to listen to some music on or
something and not look at their screens. These are members mind you
that are playing on both of my sides. Both don't care if I join in on
their game so it’s hard.
            ANYWAYS, we had an awesome activity with the Single Adults
and the missionaries the other day. We played Volleyball and such
which was fun and ate at Chickboys which was as usual rice and roasted
chicken. That's always fun with the zone and all! Sadly 3 members of
the zone used and abused their free agency and without mine or
President Carlos' permission decided to go to a far area Ilagan to do
whatever they are currently doing right now. They didn't come to the
activity we planned for them and made their own. I said 3 right. 3
because they dropped off one of their 4 elders with us at the activity
and didn't even say hi! They just left automatically to Ilagan. Nice.
Well forget them. They missed out on the fun. I only know they are in
Ilagan because Elder James received a text from someone there early
while he was here at the computer shop. I can't say that I'm not
surprised ya know. Cause I know their personalities and I know why
they are doing what they are doing and why they have no respect for
their leaders. That's the bad news for this week pops.
        BUT, (and there is always a big butt) I REFUSE to have a
horrible last week. They probably think it’s my last week and I won't
say anything and they're right. I won't....I'll let my companion do it
because he needs the experience! Ya and President Carlos will want to
know about this! We'll talk about it later!
        My last week over all has really been absolutely marvelous!
Couldn't ask for more! I am going to probably use the extra 50 dollars
to by a carry on suit case so I can get everything HOME! I can't wait
to get my Career workshop done and out of the way as well. Anyways,
can't wait to see you but not enough to stop doing missionary work!
                    ELDER HAMBLIN
  P.S. Sorry! We came straight from Volleyball and I didn't bring my
camera so I will just email pictures next time? You know what? You can
just wait! But I still love ya! LOVE ELDER HAMBZ!

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