Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks Day Photos 2011

Dear Hamblin Family,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this wonderful package. I think that you know me too well. Not two days ago I saw a missionary on our floor playing with a rubber bouncy ball and I thought to myself, "I wish I had that silly stress ball I got!" Its funnny the things that you miss from pre-mission life. I miss you all but I don't miss video games. I want to hug everyone but TV, I completely forgot! The most important things in my life are being magnified new and I can decern more clearly the important things in life.

I gain more knowledge of the scriptures of Preach My Gospel everyday and my outlook on life is brighter. My life is significantly better after 1 week at the MTC. I'm getting stronger and I can run a mile without throwing up! I am loosing weight and gaining a stronger testimony everyday. Don't get me wrong. I miss home. But when the Elders were looking up their houses on Google Earth, one missionary said "If you want to look at your home, search for the MTC." The MTC is my home now and I love it. I have so much to learn!

The temple walks are great and we always take a bunch of pictures. I put in some pictures I have taken so far. They range from District group photos to my companion opening a rootbeer can with his teeth. I hope you enjoy them. Just remember that you should keep them in a safe place for me please! I don't care if you copy them just make sure that they all stay safe okay?

I love you all and I hope to hear from you frequently! Devree, live the dream. Dane, I don't have a six pack yet. Shay stay in school. Mom and Dad, Don't pull your hair out just yet. Grandma and Grandpa don't forget that you're old and you've earned the right to be lazy sometimes. Grandma, DON"T SHOVEL SNOW...EVER!!!

Everyone stay healthy and read your scriptures. It will bless you live's so much!!!

Love, Elder Hamblin

P.S. Remember, If you're tired enough you can sleep anywhere!

The District from Left to Right Top Row: Elder Oliver, Elder Hamblin, Elder Larson, Elder Huffsutler, Elder Fonua, Elder Carrasco. Bottom Row Sister Lybert, Sister McKinze, Sister Pulu

Elder Fonua and Elder Larson sleeping during study time, on their desk, in the classroom.

Me and My companion, Elder Fonua.

Elder Oliver and Elder Huffsutler are companions. With Elder Fonua and myself.

Elder Fonua and Elder Neemia
The Provo temple

These are my roomates. Elder Larson, Elder Carrasco (the one that had the shouting nightmares) and my companion Elder Fonua and me.
Our room or residence Hall.
Here it is again.

The toy stash we found.
All the toys in the wall we found.

My crazy companion.

My still crazy companion that bit off the top of a soda can.
The poor can.

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