Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th, 2011

Dear Hamblin Family Gang,
I loved your email! It was great getting an update on whats going on in the outside world! Something i just noticed i can't type as well as i use to because lack of practice! Thats weird. Anyways Mom, don't worry the puking days are over and i am really excited and busy here at the MTC. Our temple walks are always beautiful and my companion keeps having an enourmous amount of patience with me! I accidently locked my key in my locker when we went to the temple for a session and had to get someone with a master key to come help me out! I had a hard night last night because some weird stuff went on.

10:15 Everyone is brushing there teeth and going to bed and things are calming down.

10:30 Lights out and im always the 1st one asleep. it takes almost 2 min and then i'm out and all the other Elders in my room take 1/2 and hour to calm down and go to sleep.

11:30 Elder Larson starts freaking out or as my companion stated "Trippen" and sits up in his bed with his eyes open and states, "Who Dat, Who Dat in my room" He is still asleep.

11:33 My companion Elder Fonua, (Tongan Brother or "Poly Ca") goes into fight or flight response mod and wakes up Elder Larsons companion by yelling "Elder Carrasco are you hearing this!" Elder Carrasco is trying to find his ear plugs which are in his ears but he's so tired he can't find his ears. He says what are you two yelling about and then Elder Larson wakes up and the two Elders who wittnessed the freak out tell him what happened and they all laugh loudly.

11:40 Elder Hamblin during all this is still asleep! The other Elders who are completely awake get the midnight munchies and start in on my precious Mint OREOS THAT I GOT FROM MY FAMILY! (how dare them) Subconciously i hear them getting into my munchies and i start to freak out! I say really fast in my sleep "don't touch my stuff thats mine wheres my stuff don't touch that and cycle through those pharses at light speed then (still sleeping mind you) i say "Just kidding and lay back down so they think im awake with them!

12:00 I actually wake up and ask what is going on and they tell me and my only reponse was : I said what!

I am so sleepy all the time lately and i need to pray for more strength to stay awake. I will send some pictures soon! I am so glad im at the MTC and i love all my roomates to death like brothers but sleep is precious here.
I love you all and I wish you all good luck talk to you soon
Elder Hamblin

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  1. Kylee talks in her sleep. And Sand and Craig have witnessed me rising up in bed and staring at them. It is freaky. I am glad that Nob's can sleep through it all, though. Live at the MTC, sounds exciting.