Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Dear Hamblin Gang,
TO MOM: HEY MOM THIS IS TO YOU!!!! JK here is some answers you wanted to know!
Elder Fonua: Salt Lake City
Elder Larsen: Salt Lake City
Elder Oliver: Salt Lake City
Elder Carrasco: Fontana, California
Elder Huffstuttler: Birmingham, Alabama
Don't worry I will take an awesome photo of me but no matter how hard i try i can't send pictures through the computer. I can't email them because the Admin who contols this computer has disabled my usage of the usb port. You can take that up with him if i open up the computer and hack in! When i get tothe field mabey i will be able to email then. I'll chang the batteries on my camera and see if that helps with the quality!
TO DANE: No i don't have a six pack yet but i have a story to tell you. My guru (teacher) who teaches me Tagalog said he ate a ton of food. He left the MTC 220 pounds and he came back from the Philippines 160 Pounds! I think that when i get to the Philippines a six pack will be no problem bud!
TO SHAY: My pocket knife i took has already been super usefull! I open mail and packages with it all the time! That little green ball is still super popular in my room. I am super proud of you for getting a job and trust me she's an awesome Boss! Bro you could pick up poop in her backyard until you graduate high school and she would still be happy to have you there! Enjoy the extra cash and buy yourself something nice for me!
TO DAD: The only reason that we even thought about opening it was that the missionaries who had been there before us told us there might be some goodies in there. SO just to see we opened it and we would have never expected all that stuff to come out! We each took something from the hole so that we would remember it. Dad there are alot of missionaries here that need help in the spiritual developement and social and physical development and i really do belive that i have helped some of the adjust to the MTC. I have some experience now that i have been in the pen for almost a month! One time i was sitting on my top bunk and i said, "There are 356 stones in our cell I have counted them many times." Then Elder Carrasco without skipping a beat says, "Yes but have you named them yet?" and i start to cry. Which movie was that from?
TO DEVREE: I'm so happy you got to go to UNR. Did you like it? well besides walking up and down those stairs? I think the movie your thinking of is spelled, Pride and Prejudice but mabey thats just me! I hope that you are doing your best in school and teaching those other kids how its done!
TO GRANDMA/GRANDPA: I love you and thank you for your wonderful Example through out my life and i hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for being awesome grandparents!

Tagalog: Mahal kito, I love yall/ Kami ay mga misyonero ng ang simagan ni JesuCristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Arawl. We are missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Love, Elder Hamblin

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