Monday, March 7, 2011

First Letter

Dear Hamblin Family,
I have been so blessed to arrive at the MTC with no damage so far. I got off my plane in Utah and hit the ground running. I went tothe shuttle bus and got a van to the MTC. When I got here apparently I had missed the big rush and so me and 2 other Elders went in through the wrong dorrs and ended up missing some important video and blue supply bag (which I got later) but I found my class and everything and my companion was there waiting for me. Elder Fonua is an amazing missionary with a big heart and a rock hard testimony. It was his first day too so we were in the same boat and he became my older brother practically. He introduced me to everyone and even gave me some gum to tide me over till dinner. He is just awesome and aspires to be a physical trainer so every morning I wake up at 5 am with him and he works ME out! I am going to be a mean, lean, preaching machine when we're done. He's Tongan so nobody picks on me and thats also a plus!

So anyways the 1st day goes by and I'm still in the shock of being here so I wasn't home sick yet but I was getting there with all the other missionaries getting their family photos out. Send me a photo of our family please. It would mean the world to me! We start our real 1st day in the MTC at 5am with my personal trainer/companion and we do situps, pullups, push ups, and then we went jogging. By the end of it all I wasn't feeling too good and when we went to go take a shower I was down right sick. Turns out I was dehydrated and there was no food in my body so I went to go re-hydrate at the wter fountain and drank a gallon of water. When I got back he gave me a banana he had smuggled out of the cafeteria and as soon as it was in all of it came out! I threw up all that water in the trash can and then I felt better.

We went on with our day and had more lessons in Tagalog. We learned how to pray, say hello, say where we are from and things like that. Saan Po Kayo Magmimisyon? Where is your mission? Magmimisyon Po ako Sa Kawayan/Cauayan." My mission is in Cauyan.

The language is coming faster than you would think and I am lovin it here. We went to the book store and I got some pretty cheap envelopes and stamps. So I could send you guys a letter! I get to use the computer once a week on P-day so I'll get to e-mail you pictures then! Check the address I'm sending this from. It's different from the one you got so make sure to change it!

I miss you guys I hope all is well and that everyone is getting healthy! Don't worry I'll take pictures of things and my companion. Even the snow-capped mountains are beautiful here! Well take care. Love you all!

Love, Elder Hamblin


  1. Thank you for sharing his letter with us. It's so fun to read his adventures and testimony.

  2. We are so excited for Noble. I am glad that he made it there okay, and that he's got such a great companion. We will continue to keep him in our prayers and he is on this incredible journey. Thanks for the blog. I love to hear how he's doing. Love you guys!

  3. Oh my goodness, it's real, he's really gone. I got chills reading his letter, I'm so excited for him. Thanks for sharing the letter with us.


  4. What a wonderful idea to set up a blog, for his mission. We are excited to here all about Nob's mission.