Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to the MTC

When Devree was little and heard us say the "MTC" she thought it was the "EMPTY SEA" and she didn't understand why missionaries would be sent to an ocean without any boats in it. The MTC stands for Missionary Training Center and the main one is located in Provo, Utah. Life has been a whirlwind getting ready for Noble to go. We just got back from Devree's Make A Wish Hawaii trip on Thursday afternoon. It was Stake Conference on Sunday. Frantically we were trying to get everything done and packed on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday, Noble got set apart by our stake president, President Haas. What a beautiful setting apart with all of the blessings you could ask for as a missionary. This mother didn't have a dry eye. Noble was asked to bear his testimony to us and as a family it was quite a tender moment. Grandma Rice was able to come with us.

Wednesday morning we were up by 5:30 to have family scripture study and to bid farewell to Noble. Devree and Shay were so busy ready to get out the door to seminary and tutoring they forgot to hug Noble goodbye. They decided to send Noble some chocolate hugs. Grandma and Grandpa Rice came with Todd and I to drop Noble off at the airport by 8am. Manny Boga had locked his keys in his car as we drove up. It was a time to try and get AAA to come and help Manny while saying our goodbyes to Noble. I checked the hatch back on Manny's car and it was open so he could crawl through and get his keys. Noble had to get an extended drivers license for the Philippines and so his license had a hole punched through. I watched him go through security to make sure there was not a problem. I did have more tears saying goodbye to my oldest. I know he will be a great missionary and I am very excited for him to go and find those that want to hear the gospel.

It was hard on Todd and I not being able to call to see if he got to the MTC all right. But I told Todd if he didn't make it, I'm sure the MTC would've called and asked where Noble was. Now the waiting for the letter to see how he is doing.

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