Monday, February 6, 2012

February 5, 2012

Hey Hamblin Bunch!!!!!!
Things are going GREAT as usual! I miss you all as Usual and of course i LOVE YOU ALL! Heres some ASTIG highlights in the life of a stressed 3rd World Missionary:
So they printed out a ward list for us but they don't know how to print it out so that there are lots of names on one page. They printed out the Bio of every member, 1 page per each person so now we have a flippen 3-4 inch stack of Less Actives to visit! We organized it into sectors of our Area which makes things less hectic and more organized. We've been tracking these people down and bringing them back. ONE BY ONE! This is pushing us more than we ever have been pushed before! This has gotten us depressed a bit. That and other stresses and I just am trying to be all that I have to be! YA KNOW! Anyway some funny things have happened too.
Me and Elder Oyardo destroyed a chicken after I emailed you all last P-Day! We bought a live Chicken from the Palanky for 100 pesos and then we took him back to the house. (I held him on the way back and you should've seen the look on the peoples faces when they saw me a proud American holding a live chicken by the feet walking home from the market!) We got back to the house and while I held the chicken by the wings Elder Oyardo performed the killing strike. He severed a major atery in her neck and then left me to hold her while the blood drained out! It flipped around a bit and got blood on my feet. YUCK! Then we chopped the head off the rest of the way. DEAD! Then we ripped out the inards! We found the heart and intestines and 2 eggs in there! They were the shape of normal eggs but the hard shell wasn't formed yet! It was still just a squishy sack of jucies! Yum! We cooked those up the next day and ate them! We cooked the chicken and ate it too! I haven't gotten any intestinal worms yet so, so far so good!
Elder Oyardo used Listerine Mouth Wash for the 1st time this week and made funny sounds and faces when the chemicals started to destroy the Bacteria in his mouth! He wasn't expecting the burning sensation! I laughed alot at that. I then decided to be a macho man and gargle my Listerine! DUMB! It got in my throat and made me choke which sprayed Listerine everywhere. More Laughing. Good times! Things are going along just fine here in the Philippines and I am trying to stay positive and happy with the Pure Love of Christ always! Anyway here's the letter to ya all!
Dear Mama!
THANK YOU for telling me about what you were up to! You are super Mom you know that!? I also apprecitate you making the Movies list which will be fun to search and play with after the mission! Rough week let me tell you. I temporarily lost faith in the Philippines and in my area. That was a really low time for me but I am doing alot better now! I realize now that its Charity that I really needed and that is what's keeping me going through the rough times! Just keep on doing what you're doing Mom. You are the Best Mom I think I've ever had you know? Ha ha I love you Mom. The Less Actives are doing great actually! We have one nanay Sis. Malvar who has come back 2 times now to church! 2 more and she is officially re-activized! I don't know the term for it but its good! We have Investigators coming back to church which is great and things are good!
Ya Me and Kolten are gonna reactivize the whole family for SURE! I know that Kolton is going to be working on Chase slowly and carefully as the years go by and hopefully we'll see some fantastic results! I am stoked for all of this. This is a great work but a difficult one at times. I love you Mom and I can't wait to see The Adventures of Tin Tin when I get back to the States! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
When I read, "Jamie didn't have a shirt on.." I thought "Why would Jamie G. not have a Shirt on? Thats stupid!" Then the"he"got me back on the right track again! Thanks I was really confused for a second there! Its good to hear that you are doing well! So hows the STAFF infection comming along? I hope your heads okay! The babysitting sounded like my old job! WAY TOO MANY KIDS! I don't like baby sitting that much! Don't get all depressed about not gettting your drivers licence yet. It took me 2 trys to pass my test and my reflexes are AMAZING. Not to mention my super powers and all. SO Patuloy lang! You'll win the prize! Just keep it up! Love ya sis! Stay positive! Its good you are playing with Dane. He needs some older sibling Devree, Dane time ya know? Be a good older sister to him for me will ya?! Thanks for everything!
Hey your movie was STARDUST boy am i good or am I good! Alright here's mine! :
"While the Step Mother and Daughters Scratched there newly found Itches, ______ ran away from those horrible............ Witches!"
You shouldn't have to hard a time with that one! I love ya ELder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Shay I love you too! Hey you can even borrow my Snowboarding stuff if you want! Just BE CAREFULL! That stuff costs alot of money ya know? I hope you and Carson have a fantastic time! You be good and safe on the slopes alright? I miss you and most of all I miss snowboarding! JK I miss you WAY more than Snowboarding! Be safe and a good example alright! Love ya Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
How are you doing! Nope no six pack yet! I think it's all turning into muscle though! Don't give Devree too hard a time in Fusion Frenzy even though you are the Master at that game! Nice job at the big basketball game! We got to play some good games when I get home alright! Love ya little bro! Elder Hamblin
Dear Papa,
Everyone LOVES your magic box ya know! I got to see pictures of the new car that you were talking about okay? Hey so you converted ALL my movies into TV format? Is that so it isn't all grainy on the TV. Sounds cool whatever you did! I hope i can get in on that action later. Okay sounds like you are all really busy but I got to go. We are gonna make a kicken t-shirt later today so I'll send pictures take care you guys!
Elder Hamblin

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