Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13th, 2012

This is Lovely. She requested Elder Hamblin baptize her.
Lovely really is "Lovely".

These are Lovely's siblings.

Elder Hamblin, Elder Oyardo and Lovely before the baptism.

A big SPIDER at the end of Noble's bed. It is on the middle board.

There was too much rain for the bukids (fields) and now the farmers are worried for their crops.

More kids from San Mariano. They love Elder Hamblin

Say "Cheese"!

The two "studly" Elders as Noble says. Elder Oyardo and Elder Hamblin.

AHHHHHHH how are you all doing!!!? I'm doing fine here in the Cauayan Mission! But I think I have some bad news!
You see for the last 6 months or so I have been pumping my own water and trying to train poor Elder Oyardo and things are going okay but...well ...we need a new apartment. The mission is done dealing with our crazy land lady and wants us moved. If we can't find another apartment by next transfer meeting (Feb 24) they will pull the missionaries out of San Mariano. Pull out means they will remove the missionaries and will not place new ones in until they find a suitable apartment. This means our investigators will suffer greatly. We have to plan for how the ones with baptismal dates like Ramil will be taught and baptized. We JUST FINALLY got a WHOLE FAMILY with a BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! GRAAAAA! just when things start getting good we get another curve ball thrown at us! Anyway we will still be looking for that golden apartment with running water! They are near impossible to find in San Mariano. I hope that we can find one but the odds are against us. Please Pray for us!
Hey I’m actually writing from the same shop that I Skyped you guys from in Ilagan next to the Missionaries apartment here. We are getting ready to go to the BIG meeting in Tugegaraow. (That's how its pronounced I have no clue how its spelled!) The big meeting is our Zone Conference. WOW I am rounding up on my Year mark and it seems like the blink of an eye! I've done a lot of things here. I've touched too many lives its uncountable! I too write my baptisms down in the cover of my Preach My Gospel. Now I don't know how many names Kolten has. He’s the Bomb! But I have a good amount of names too! I just write down the names that I taught and saw or actually baptized. The ones I baptize personally get a cute little Star next to their names!
Alright now to respond to your HUGE Email to me!
Hey Mom if you could Email me the Home address of the Rice’s that would be great! I really want to keep Mailing Kolten! Now I hope this whole Baptism things isn't getting your hopes up too high for your son. I can tell you from personal experience that you must baptize people that you KNOW are ready for baptism. I have seen some of the people I have baptized go inactive because they were only kids and had no support system. That’s got to be one of the bigger heart aches as a missionary. You can baptize the world but if they don't stay active in the church its all useless! THAT'S why I am now currently in the process of finding and rebuilding the faith of many less active members here that have almost gone apostate. Turning back to other churches and smoking and drinking. Its a heart ache you know? But I can't give up on them. We are trying hard to keep up the work and we see success! One Sister in our ward is doing great! She’s almost come back for a month now and she is finding that strong testimony she once had! She will be a powerful help to the missionaries in San Mariano! Good things are happening here Mom and I know I was called here for a reason by a Prophet of God to help these people. How great is my calling! I'm trying harder to enjoy the journey now!
You are all super busy as usual. Having mini reunions and such! You are super Mom you know! Hey where did Kaylun fly in from!? Where is he living now? I hope that you are all safe and sound and well fed! Have fun with the cousins. I haven’t had too many Dip Stick companions yet. They all think I'M the dip stick! JK Love You. Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
I'm sorry you got your finger slammed in the door! I hope the skin grows back fast! Honor choir sounded like the blast and that you are still singing your heart out is a good thing! The Music Man is an OLD movie from WAY back in the day that they have redone over and over again! I would've liked to see it live! Sounded awesome! You know that’s Kolten up and down with music and such! I hope your head is doing alright now!
Your movie was My BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING! I think.... Heres mine:
"NO we named the monkey Jack!"
"But why is the rum gone?"
"You cheated!" "Pirate"
GUESS that one! Love ya little sis! ELder Hamblin

Dear Dane,
So no six pack yet but I made a pretty cool T-Shirt that makes me look super muscular! Ya I enjoyed my rotten egg that I ate. It was kinda crunchy though! I loved the nickname too! Nobie won kanobie has been my nickname since Star Wars came out! I think Dad gave it to me 1st! I hope you are still doing good in Basketball! Hey I am missing you lately! I wish we could play a board game together. Or cards or something!!! I miss playing with you. When I get home we got to have a great time alright!!!
I decided to throw in some smiley faces there! Hey take care and be a good little brother alright? Love ya Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Hey Skyroom sounds pretty cool. But you shouldn't play it if its rated M. You know rated M stand for Mom right? Now don't go and think that once you get into college that it’s all a free game now! We have to honor our parents no matter how old we are! Don't freeze to death in the Swimming pool! I miss swimming! I miss doing all that normal people stuff! WE HAVE to make up for the time I missed when I get home! Thanks for making me Trunky Shay! JK I love you take care! Elder BIG BRO Hamblin

Dear Tatay,
Yes Tatay I did eat that Balut and he was a wee bit on the crunchy side. I don't know if I would eat one that was that mature again. I needed a lot of salt!!! You guys sounded like you had TONS of fun at both houses and that you are all safe and sound! The Forbidden Island game sounds pretty darn cool I would like to see a picture of it! or at least play it when I get home. Man I wish I could have a solid breakfast like the one you had. You know breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!!! GOSH TATAY!
Grandma and Grandpa staying in one spot sounds like a good idea. It’s really not healthy for them to be moving around so much! They do have a ton of drivers in the Krices house don't they?!
Your hard drive is still the BOMB!! Can't wait to mess around with it when I get home. I think I'm ready for a change. I have been in one spot for WAY too long and I think I will definitely get transferred this next cycle so get ready for some new pictures and hopefully some videos! I love you all and I hope you're safe and sound and receiving all the blessings from me pumping water!!! JK I love you Ingat Po Kayo!!!!!! Mahal Kita Love Elder Hamblin!!!

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