Monday, February 27, 2012

February 26th, 2012 -Noble's 2nd Transfer

Elder Hamblin in new area of Tuguegarao Zone and the little quiet town of Solana.

New Companion Elder Makiling who also came out with Elder Oyardo, who Noble trained.. Look at how that horses back bone is sticking out! That is one of the skinniest horses I have seen. (Mom's comment)

This is the horse taxi called Calesa's.

I wonder if this is an albino water buffalo or Caribow as they call them in the Philippines.

So interesting, the coloring on this one.

Elder Makiling showing how they get their water.

Elder Hamblin getting the water.

I'ts a long way down there!

Elder Hamblin in the Bukid. the corn looks a little dry in this area, where the las area was getting too much rain for their corn.
"Oh no I have lost my companion!" Elder Hamblin cries.

"Oh there he is!" I don't know quite what Elder Makiling is holding in his hand.

Hey still don't have the letter from you guys so I think I'll just give you an update! So I got Transferred to Tuguegarao Zone. I am now stationed in the little quiet town of Solana and it is pretty darn cool here! Well not cool as in cold but it's awesome. Tuguegarao is notorious for being the hottest part of the Philippines Cauayan mission, and ....I was transferred to this area in March, the beginning of summer. Needless to say I am melting right now! My new companion's name is Elder Makiling and he also happens to be my new Physical Trainer! We got up and ran this P-Day! (Dane the 6 pack is coming!) Between sweating like crazy and running and walking and such the pounds are gonna melt off! We have these little things called Calesa's which are like mini horse drawn carriages that you take like Taxi Cabs to get from place to place. It's alright and we ride in style to our appointments. The problem is that we are kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place when its night time! No more triky rides or Jeepneys or even Calesa's so we walk and walk and walk Annnnnnnnd walk. Like the pioneer children! Good stuff! The pounds just melt off! So ya thats the area good stuff! Also we sang a song in our little branch last Sunday that really struck me by surprize! Its hymn number 273. Go check it out its the BOMB! Hey I love you guys and stay safe! Elder Hamblin

Hey guys don't freak out. I got it! Mom don't cry! Gosh if I don't get the letter from you guys you will just send me 2 next email. Don't freak out I got it so chill! Hey so now that I got something to send you guys I will respond to your letter!
SO My new area is a Branch and we have a cute little electric Piano to play for church. Mom, I am using that little easy Hymn book you gave me which is a big help and my piano skills are definitly growing now that I am the full time piano player here in Solana! I am the senior companion right now! I am Follow up training a member of the same batch of missionaries that came in with Elder Oyardo. Yes he is a guapo (handsome) Philippino and he's helping me not be fat! I don't know if the Baptism happened on Saturday but I am pretty sure that Elder Oyardo is taking care of buisness EVERY DAY! Taking care of buisness every way!(Part of a song by Bachman Turner Overdrive) He will make sure things are good to go and hold down the fort for me!
Don't cry! I'm sorry if this letter is kinda short! We have been quite a while at the computer shop and I think my comp is itching to get out! I hope I answered all your questions. I am actually emailing from Tuguegarao right now because it is the big city with all the food and such! Well I love you and take care! Elder Hamblin
P.S. GOSH you and UNR! Quote: "The HEATHEN School" I'll make sure Manny gets to hear that! Love ya you over protective Nanay!
Your movie was "Holes" and we are defeinetly having a movie marathon when I get back home! I love you Devrs and you should have sent the pie to me! JK I love ya little sister. Keep an eye on Shay for me! Love ya more Elder Hamblin!
Oh if you didn't get the movie qoute here it is again! "What do you want me to do dress in drag and do the hula?" "I'm a monkeys uncle!" Try that on for size! Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
Sounds like the big game went well for you little bro. The nerf battle definitly sounds like something I want to do when I get back home! I love you little bro and take care! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Don't kill yourself pole vaulting and stay away from the ladies! Between you and your many girlfriends and me going to the heathen school Mom's gonna have a heart attack! Love ya little bro. Elder Hamblin!
Dear Tatay,
ALA KA!!!! Grabe! Pasaway and Tatay ko! Busy Busy po kayo! Salamat Tatay sa email mo! Alam ko hindi nakalimutan ang anak mo! SALAMAT SA LAHAT!
You guys really are the blessing and crossing your fingers helped, but its time for me to get out of this computer shop! We have been here for 2 hours but not just waiting for the email! Thanks for everything! Don't over do it tatay! You're not a teenager anymore! Take a break and figure out what's most important and then make a check list that's what helps me out! Take care! Ingat Tatay!
Elder Hamblin!
P.S. I love you and don't stress about the email! GOSH! hehehe :) Love you! Elder Hamblin

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