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February 19, 2012

Looking out over the river and San Mariano. See how you can see the city is on an island in the river.

Playing with puppies. Noble did not say anything about eating this one for dinner.

Elder Hamblin loves his mail and he got a whole bunch of Dear Elder's from Sister Remington. Thank you so much for writing our missionary. I don't know if all of these are from Sister Remington.

This is Elder Hamblin with Elder Lundy. They are good friends and really enjoy the time to really express themselves in their "Mother Tongue". Noble says that is the most frustrating part of learning a foreign language is to be able to learn it well enough to really express yourself.

Dear Hamblin Gang!!!!,
What a great week it's been! So you finally got the letter huh? Don't worry about it. I was busy going through some self pity and my "valley of endless woe" phase in the mission. Things are better now. I am refocused and as you know your emotions on the mission are on a roller coaster! Ups downs sideways and loop-D-loops but its okay. Things are fine! It's never been easy being a soldier of God in the war zone of the world. It never has been easy being a member of this church. Life isn't meant to be easy. That was Satan's plan remember? It is important not to lose faith in your self even if you aren't seing LOADS of success. But that being said here are some awesome things going on in San Mariano: We had the baptizim of Lovely Lago. Shes a Member from a less active family. She had turned 8 but because the parents are busy trying to earn money for the family and aren't super active they weren't doing too much to get her ready for baptism. I've known the Lago family since I got her and have seen their youngest boy "Prince" grow up and he's beginning to walk now! I was afraid that if I didn't do something that Lovely Lago could become another one of those un-baptized child of records! So we got the baptism planned and taken care of for Brother and Sister Lago. They really appreciated it. When we asked her who she wanted to baptize her she picked me! I think its just cause I have known her for so long and I'm awesome. Hindsight it could have been better for her Tatay to baptize her but when we suggested it he just asked me to do it! I didn't want to push that subject so I happily obliged to baptize her. That was the background of what happened at the baptism! Because of a big black out we almost had to baptize her in the river. But the power came back on just in time to fill up the font and so all was well! We have our next baptism on Feb. 25 for Ramil Maramag and I am really excited for this and so is Elder Oyardo because he is the one who is baptizing him! Sadly I don't think I will get to see this one. I am probably gonna get transferred so they will have to carry on without me! THAT and we have A WHOLE FAMILY WITH A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! The Bernas family! They are on the way on to the right path and know what we have been teaching them is true! We gave them a baptismal date WAY in the future so that Tatay Bernas can get his WOW (word of wisdom) problem under control and GO TO CHURCH! Gosh its like pulling arms and legs off to get these people to come to church! That and they're allergic to the rain apparently! GOSH! Then again they do have their agency to choose! I just wish they could choose the right! Now for some official business: Dear Elder Lundy's Mom, (and I know you are reading this! :) Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH for treating us to dinner at Mang Ingnasal! You are the Best mom that Elder Lundy has ever had! We used that 20$ to the fullest. I almost barfed from all the rice I ate! (It was all you can eat!) Thank you SOOOOOO much! Your the best! LOVE, Elder Hamblin
Now back to the family. As my name and fame spread throughout the Cauayan mission people you don't even know are reading the blog! So thanks again for doing the blog for me! Its all worth it! Now to answer your messages to me.

Dear Mom,
I hope that was a good explanation of all the Baptism pictures I sent. Little Lovely is a cutey isn't she? Her prayers are the cutest of all. (in a small high pitched voice!) Good things are happening in San Mariano. It seems when good things start to happen I tend to be transffered! My training period is over and I know Elder Oyardo will be a true strong missionary from the things he has learned from our companionship! Please pray for the people I had previously mentioned! They need help to get through these rough times! The bukid life hasn't been easy lately. Because of the excess of rain from this Bagio were having the crops are getting too wet and if the crops get too wet they can't be sold and if they can't be sold then they don't get money and when they don't get money then their families starve! It's rough being a farmer in the Philippines. Its rough being a farmer anywhere!
Its good that they got Grandma and Grandpa in a nice and stable home now! I really hope it works out. Anyway things are good now so don't worry too much about me I'm fine. I just would like you to send a big plate of Sheppard's Pie in the next package! That and a big Costco pepperoni pizza! Yea that would be the bomb! I love you Mom, Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Devree,
I'm sorry to hear that you have, ahem, ..."issues" but I hope that you can find help through prayer and making a check list! That always helps me when I've got a lot of things to do! Sounds like you guys watched GALAXY QUEST TODAY! Hey if you have a magical wand that wipes away concerns from my investigators and my Less Actives you can send that in the next package! If you want to see some food I want to eat please refer to Mom's part of the message! Hey don't get discouraged! Lifes hard esspecially when cancer has kicked you but and you're trying to get up and hit the ground running. Remember you are a miracle missy and nothing less. Every day you are up and about doing good is a blessing to the world from the Lord! You are special! (and not in the handicapped way!:) Shine bright and let the world say and do what they will because you are amazing and nothing can change that! Be a good big sister for me will ya? Love Elder Hamblin

Dear Shay,
Hey I think that you should go for the candy! Don't go for the chicks yet just the candy. Wait till your 16 bro. I'm telling you bro, girls are just a bunch of trouble! Be prepared to get a job. One side affect of being around girls to much is your money starts to go missing from your wallet a lot faster than it did before! So get ready!! Hey you were watching Galaxy Quest too! Hey the box sounded pretty darn cool! I can't wait to shred it up with you guys when I get back! I think that will be a ton of fun! Did Dad come with you guys too? Who was driving? Anyway I love ya little bro and keep up the good work. Be a good example to Dane for me! Love, Elder Hambln

Dear Dane,
Hey Four Square was one of my favorite games growing up! We should play it when I get back. So you're watching the Teen Titans.... AGAIN!!? You must really love that show! I love you Dane! Just don't veg out and be a couch potato! Love Elder Hamblin

Dear TAtay,
Hey I had just recently read those Dear Elders you sent me in the MTC and the Good Timber spiritual thought was one of them! It really is a good thing to remember that our trials are what make us stonger and "The Ever Impressive" Thanks for your advice on the Less Actives. Me and Elder Oyardo are really trying to help these people come unto Christ. They just need to take the 1st few steps back into the light which sometimes are the hardest! I got to have the Mindset that i am here to teach them not force them into living the gospel. I love these people and they need our help! Thanks for all the advice and i think I might just use that poem for a spiritual thought some day! Thanks for everything! Don't have to much fun without me! Love your 3rd world missionary Elder Hamblin
So the pictures are a muddy road Elder Oyardo holding a sleeping puppy and me and Elder Lundy in the back of a van!
All those Dear Elders are from Sister Remington. (You're the bomb Sister Remington!) That and an Overview of San Mariano I think you can see the church steeple in that picture. LOVe Elder Hamblin

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