Monday, September 3, 2012

September 2, 2012

Okay! So, how are you all!?!?!?!? How's the Hamblin Bunch? I miss you guys SOOOOOOOO MUCH!
It's a bummer that I wasn't able to come to the wedding or the Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I wish I could have been there. I miss all you all sooooo much. (oh wait, I already said that..... IT'S TRUE YA KNOW!"
Not too much has happened this week. I have been working on removing the forest of vines that just appeared out of nowhere in our yard. You think things grow fast in Nevada?  Try the Philippines. I swear I pick some off the fence one day and when I wake up the fence is covered in vines again! YAHHAYAHAYAH! I don't like it. Anyways cleaning up the apartment washing clothes the usual. I didn't eat anything too out of the ordinary. We killed a bunch of maggots with boiling water. (great Idea coming from my brilliant companion.) It worked well. Killed them all after putting them in a Jacuzzi! "Build me a Jacuzzi!" It was nasty! Well, now time for your lovely questions.
Dear Dane,
SO, I think almost everyone related to me has made the mistake that will brand you for life. You dropped cards in a pool! How could you commit such a heinous crime!? You are probably going to be out lawed in all the state of California from now until the end of time. You bad bad boy. At least you got permission to go in and get them all out. That would have been fun. It's crazy ya know. Seeing you grow up and such. I know It's gonna be hard to recognize you all when I get back! I hope that your voice starts changing when I get back so that I can make fun of you every day. I know I am gonna make fun of Shay's deep voice when I get back too! So how are you doing Dane? Well ya know besides being outlawed and such. How's school going? You've got to be busy now with band and practicing your new instrument. I hope that one day you get to play the tuba! You are all growing up sooooo darn fast! It's CRAZY! Well, I love you Dane and I loved the pictures of you two goof balls next to the Candy. I like Moms little note, "The HUGE NeRds between the nerds." HA HA! WHAT NERDS! I love you Dane, See ya soon......ish.! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear SHAY, :)
When you talked about how I would hold my breath when we watched The Princes Bride I got a huge flash back! I had forgotten about that. I kinda had to chuckle to myself about it! It brought a big smile to my face. Thanks Shay, I needed that. The Sundaes and Mint ice cream and chocolate sounds AWESOME. It also sounds super unhealthy. The banana split now there's something healthy. At least you have a banana in there! How are you doing Shay?
I liked the pictures of Locey's braces and how they matched the purple ties! It was a very purpley wedding! I hope you enjoyed talking with Locey until like 1am. That must have been fun. I would have loved to chew the fat with Kolten. I miss him and Locey and Spencer and all the crazy cousins! I miss you too bro. I wish that you could be here to see what I see. Like for example, last week I saw this guy. He was absolutely absurd looking. He had a speedo on with one of those silly umbrella hats on! He was trying not to get his head wet, but the rest of his body was fine to get wet? He was trying to get his garbage can into his house. I had to laugh at him and wave. He waved back. He's got to be crazy! I love the Philippines. It's always crazy here. Something weird is going on 24/7! I love it! and so would you if you were here to see it with me. I think I would just take you to the good parts and that's it! Like Banaue Rice Terraces. Look that up on Google images. It's pretty cool! Well, Love ya little bro. Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Devree, to my everlasting shame....I cheated. Your movie was Kindergarten Cop? I don't even think I have SEEN that movie! Any ways, While I was on google, I looked up pictures of the Kindle Fire....THAT IS SOOOO DARN COOL! YOU ARE SOOOO DARN SPOILED! It's like a little Ipad! IT LOOKS SOOOO COOL! Can I play with it when I get home?
Ah Devree, I miss ya! You know whats funny about Dr. Pepper?  It's really rare here in the Philippines. Sometimes President Carlos likes to spoil us with it when we come for special meetings. I've kinda just been so so about it when other missionaries are addicted to it. We got one gas station here that sells it and because of that everyone wants to buy one! I just laughed at the whole diet Dr. Pepper thing cause right now, I don't get to be choosy! Oh well. I got your movie by cheating but this one may be a dead give away for you! Okay here we go:
".....and with some luck there marriage may result in lower TAXES!"
"I will fry your back legs in butter!"
"No more mister nice guy yes surey!" KAy guess that!
Devs I got to say I am pretty envious of the Kindle Fire. I can't wait to see you, (and it) when I get home! I miss ya little sis and just "feeding off of each others funny." Your gonna have to sit down and watch all the movies on your list with me and be really patient when I ask you what's gonna happen every three minutes! There's gonna be popcorn and such as well. I am gonna just throw a slumber party for all my family every night for like a week when I get back! (Please don't put Breaking Dawn part 1 or part 2 on the list. I've heard its nothing but porn the 1st part.) JK It's probably got its redeeming qualities in some way or another. I guess...ack! Oh well enough about me being trunky. The wedding looked cool. I love the pictures on the blog. I hope that it wasn't too cold in those sleeveless dresses. tee hee! :D I think that I would have to be the best man for Kolten. If there are such things in a temple marriage. I don't know! I've never been to one before! I love you Devs and your Kindle Fire. Love, Your Envious Brother, Elder Hamblin
Dear Mama,
So, everyone decided to hop on the missionary train did they!? I guess I was the first "Preacher" of them all you know! I hope that they all find happiness in there own different ways. They are all going to live the gospel in the best way they know how. I pray that they will all live their religions. If every man would live his religion and not put it on like his suit coat just for Sundays then the world would be a much better place. I am confident of that. The Philippines would be GREAT! Along with America!
I'm sorry that there are no pictures this time. I forgot my converters and such. I haven't been taking too many pictures lately. It is the rainy season after all! I hope that you are doing fine though! Please don't stress too much about the cards in the pool. I think they'll forget about it sooner or later.
Wow, It is a small world isn't it? You know EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Okay not EVERYONE but my Mom sure does know a LOT of people. You and Devree have been all over the United States haven't you? Devree will be VERY happy working in the Library. That will be really cool. I think that she will have lots of fun reading books and stuff. I hope that it works out. Reading about all your food you guys ate was really hard to bear cause we haven't had lunch quite yet! I hope we leave the internet shop soon. I am STARVING! We finished off fasting the other night and I almost ate a whole cow at our dinner appointment. ALOT of adobo went down my stomach. You have to know how hard it is to think on a empty stomach and then try to fill that empty stomach with rice. It hard.
Reynel is coming to church. He's active and is passing the sacrament now. It was great to see some one I helped bring the gospel to bless and pass the sacrament. It was a big mile stone for me. I almost cried. Elizabeth is doing good. She's almost done with her little pamphlet for primary girls. I think its Faith in God. She is a hard worker. Almost memorized her Articles of Faith. Pretty cool huh!? Those are the Recent Converts. Keep praying for the Malgapos to come to church. That would be great. I miss my old investigators and recent converts sometimes. Sometimes I write to the past members in past areas. It's nice to hear from them every now and then. The members here are great. I am blessing little girls and Old Men to get better. I love this work. It's a rewarding work as well as a hard work. But its all worth it! I love you Mom. Stay strong! Love, Your hungry son, Elder Hamblin
Dear Papa,
No near death experiences? Wow, impressive and disappointing at the same time! WAIT hold the PHONES!!!! You did drive through China town and QUOTE: "We went in circles for about 20 minutes until we finally got to where we wanted to go. Then once we got there, there were bums burning garbage in a garbage can and graffiti everywhere and we were too afraid to stop so we kept driving out of the city." Okay that sounds more like normal! I would of loved to beat up angry bums with you pops! You are my hero ya know! I have been thinking about when you me and Manny had our, "Manly bonding moment" where we shot off fireworks and got the cops called on us. You were completely calm even though the cops were there and the angry dude using the F word every five seconds! "You were gonna burn down my F*@#$# PINE TREES!!" You were calm. You didn't get angry you were not afraid you were calm and dignified when you talked to the cop. I admire that. I try to tap into my own storage of patience and strength to be still and not act in a way that I may regret in the future. I hope to be able to be as patient as you are with me! Thanks for being a good example.
Tell all the people that want to know when I'm getting home that I'll be home before you know it! I think that it will really be too fast this last leg of the journey. I hope to stay focused and always on track. Pray that I will be able to lose myself in the work. I went to a members house to teach their less active sister and they were watching Batman Arises. That was the hardest I ever had to focus. I gathered the courage to tell them to shut it off and then we had one of the best lessons that I have ever taught. I was given the words when I needed them. I hope that they got the point and that the less active sister understands what she is doing wrong and gains the courage to do what's right!
            I love you Dad and I love all that you do. I am sorry that I did not send pictures this round I hope that you will find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me for that. I will try to send a lot more to you next time around. Love you Dad. Love Elder Hamblin
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH AND MISS YOU ALL! Don't cry yourselves to sleep just because I'm not there to eat all of your cold cereal. I love you all and wish you the best.

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