Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10th, 2012

Dear Noble,
   Dear Family,
               Things are going good in the Philippines! Life is good. It's a little hot sometimes. The rainy season is about to start so Dad, keep your ears and eyes open. I may get stranded on a roof in my torn up dress pants eating a roasted bird. Great stuff. You could make a movie. Call it The Other Side......OF HELL! Just Kidding. Sorry for the strong language. The people here are just as warm and friendly as the Tongans at times. Depends on who you talk to. I love you all and business is as usual. Missionary work. I don't know this week didn't have much to report on! I have been busy about. Getting chased by dogs and getting thrown out of houses ya know. But people have their agency and If I try to shove the message down their throats that isn't the Lord’s way, that’s Satan's way. bummer huh? Anyways, Let’s talk about you all.
            Dear Mom,
                 My investigators are doing fine and we are trying to do the best that we can to help them come unto Christ. I wish that our Less Actives would come back to church. We are having a little success with a family down the road from the church who is less active. HOW can someone who lives but a mere yards away from the only true church of Christ fall away into apostasy? Because of pride and because of stubbornness. Basically because of the natural man. We got one tatay that is doing alright. He comes to church and sometimes get's there before we do. He reads his scriptures and says his prayers. The problem is he still drinks with his friends. He feels that because of all the good he has done that God should just heal his poor knees so that he can run again. God hasn't done that yet so in his logic, God has no love for him anymore. I know, I don't understand it. Please pray for this recent convert to understand the miracle of healing and to find the courage to follow the word of wisdom.
                Please pray for Jessica and Jennifer along with Reynel and Elizabeth the recent converts and also the Balagbagan Family. I won't get to specific with who is who here just please keep their names in your thoughts and prayers. I try my best but in the end it is up to them to decide to change and be better.
             Mom, as you can see it is hard when you put so much trust and love and time into someone and then see them go turn completely around and not do the right thing. To deny the Holy Ghost and fall into past sins. It is a heart breaker. I think it may be hard for me to really trust and love people after this is all over. I just have such high hopes for them and they let me down, but more importantly their families and the Lord down. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions on a mission. You can't be a robot and teach without feeling or compassion and you can't get so completely invested in these people that may or may not let you down or not live up to the Lords expectations. You have to find the balance. I love my investigators but they frustrate me. The two Jennifer and Jessica that are rounding up close to their baptismal dates are really stressing me out between getting Jessica ready for the interview mixed with Jennifer not really showing forth her desire and her testimony I am stressed. Stress only means that you love them and care for them and want them to succeed. I guess you would know how that feels huh Mom?
                  Bagh, enough of my complaining. How are you doing? What have you been up to lately? Are you substituting still? Life must be moving fast with wood badge coming up soon. Take lots of pictures for me. I hope you like my pictures this time! I love it when you update the blog. Just next time, tell Dane to put a shirt on! I love you Mom.                                                       Love,   Elder Hamblin

            Dear Devree,
                     Oh college. I wish I could give you some hints or tips but really, I don't have much experience in that department. It's like you trying to tell me what I should do if my investigator that doesn't come to church. It's uncharted territory for me. You are ahead of the game Devree. I wish you the best to your burning legs. I can't wait to watch movies with you on your kindle fire. I hope that all is well....well besides the legs. Be a good girl and make friends with the people that have cars. That’s my wisdom for you this week. It's all about the people you know! So, I hope that you really hit it off with the cute boys that can sing with great personalities. Make sure they treat you right. (or I'll have to...) How's the classes? How's your roomates. How’s Life? Did you get a job at the library yet? I hope you do! I think you would just LOVE that job.
               Your movie was Mulan number 1! I love that movie and I used to have it memorized. That is one line that is truly unique to Mulan. Okay here is mine:
 "It was made of your mother’s breast plate, part of a matching set. Keeps her close."
 "Thank you, you useless reptile."
 "We're Vikings, it’s an occupational hazard."  GUESS THAT!
         I love you Devs. Hang in there. School is gonna be a blast! TELL ME EVERYTHING! :D Love you,,   Elder      Hamblin  
         Dear Dane,
                Man, you are getting to be one chubby boy. Did you know that? I hope that means that in High School you are gonna get HUGE! I bet Shay is huge and has a deep voice right? I hope all is well with you and you are trying your hardest at school and such. I find it kinda weird and troubling that you want to rob people and to do those kind of things. I hope that you’re not serious about robbing old rich people. That’s dangerous you know. They have canes! Ha ha :D I love you and your twisted mind Dane. I could use a little more of that in my life! Life is good in the Philippines. I still don't have a toilet seat. I'm kinda bitter about that. I could try harder to find one, but, I have other things I would rather do with my time other that look for toilet seats to buy. ANYWAYS, I am very happy for you and your accomplishments. Your picture of you two on the tramp in the rain was hilarious! I wish I could have been there for it. Ya know, to jump on the tramp with you guys in the rain. Rain doesn't really annoy me anymore. I like it now! Anyways I love you and I hope that you two are being good boys for mom while I am gone. I love you! Love Elder Hambz

            Dear Shay,
                    You and those women. Follow the advice of your Mother, DON'T KISS HER! Whatever you do! Soccer Dances women. It's the best isn't it! I miss those days. Enjoy it while you’re young Shay. Sooner or later you will get old and hairy like me and the lady's won't like you anymore. JUST KIDDING! I am DANG popular here. More popular than I was at home. I like the extra attention for a while. but really it gets really boring being popular all the time. Little teenage girls screaming while you walk down the road and people pointing at me. It just seems to get old after a while. How many times does a father have to try to marry you off to their daughters before it just gets old? Anyways, the drones of a guapo missionary you don't need to hear. Hey, how’s soccer going this week. Are you gonna get to play next game? Ask Mom to take lots of pictures for me! I love you and want you to be happy in whatever you decide to do you know.
                   P.S. DON"T KISS KAYLEE! But I do want to see pictures man! he he :D Love ya Bro. Talk to you next time. Love, Elder Hambz
          Dear Dad,
               Make sure you don't stress Mom out too much at woodbadge. I hope her back doesn't get messed up from sleeping on the ground. Bring the air mattress. Or the trailer. Ya bring the trailer. She could get cold. I hope that all goes well for her. I hope it's all worth it in the end. I hope that you both learn a lot and take a bunch of awesome pictures. I wish you the best on your trip!
              I loved your little bit about the LA driving flashbacks. Another mini movie popped into my head. Mom, in the passenger seat me driving and her failing at trying to hit her imaginary brake in the passenger seat. HA :D You got to love how Mom hates my driving because YOU taught me how to drive. Also that YOU teach everyone how to drive because it stresses out Mom to much! HA! A never ending circle of torment for our dear Mother. I hope she doesn't have nightmares about tail lights!
                I try not to be trunky as well. I had one bad personal study where I just ended up looking at your picture on the wall of the famliy and planning my home coming talk of epicness. I hope the topic isn't about the pool of Bethesda. I hated that as my out going talk. Although I did get the chance to study up about the pool of Bethesda. Anyways, I try not to be trunky as well. Just wait till Mom realizes where I am at now in my mission. Next email should be fun! Thanks for the PDF document and such. I hope to copy it over to a flash drive or maybe to our computer someday! Thanks! Love Elder Hamblin
                      I hope you all like the pictures. There’s me and my prized adobo I made with the careful watchful eye of Elder Rocaberte close by and me riding a koliglig. We saw a chicken being killed and took some pictures and a video. I also have the sticky frog on our door pic, and the BAWAL GUMAWA DITO NG SASAKYAN! (don't fix vehicles here) and a bunch of guys fixing their vehicle there! Nice how everyone follows the rules very closely here! I hope you like the pictures. Love you. LOVE
                                                                   ELDER HAMBLIN
                                                       PHILIPPINES CAUAYAN MISSION        
  P.S. Pray for me....and my companion.     :D Love ya.                                                                                                      

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