Friday, September 21, 2012

September 16, 2012

DEAR Family, I love you all did you know that!?!?!?!? I wanted to let you know that we will be having a double Baptism next Saturday and you are ALL INVITED! Shay, I'll be really sad if you don't come next Saturday on the 22nd! Please pray for Jessica. Pray for her to be emotionaly and spiritualy ready for her baptism and pray for her less active Tatay and Nanay to come to church and her baptism. It just won't be the same if they aren't there! Please Pray for Jennifer as well. She has her very active older brother supporting her so that's good. Pray that she won't be super shy and that she will feel confident about her preparation and feel ready to be baptized! I love these two girls. They have gone through alot to be ready to be baptized and don't worry I'll take pictures! Anyways, life is good. Life is good and things are going along great! I just realized that the river you cross to get to my area is absolutely disgusting! I have seen kids play in it and people take baths in it along with others dumping old coconut husks in it and people fish in it and use its water to wash their clothes! GREAT RIGHT? TOTALLY PWEDE! no :) its nasty and weird. Dear Devree, I am sorry that things aren't going well for you at college. I am way ahead of you on the praying for you. I do that almost every night! So don't freak out. Take it one day at a time. Give yourself a break and watch a movie when you get a chance! I hope you get a job soon at the library. Good luck on the video things. That sounds super high tech. I hope that you can find yourself a good camera or just use your laptop if it has a camera! Try that! Just know that I have and am and will pray for you. Don't worry, you'll get a handle on this whole college thing and then you can help your newbie cousins and me when I start. It'll be great! And don't worry about the roomates. It's a bummer no one has a car but mabey thats a good thing. Mabey this is a trial for your legs to get stronger. Man, you won't look like anything I think you looked like when I get back! I think that you will get into your class no problem. DON'T WORRY I'M PRAYING FOR YOU!!!! Thanks for the link to all the jokes. I liked it alot. SO did Elder Allen right next to me. Here's one of my favorites: "I always wanted to learn how to juggle, but I just don’t have the balls to do it." Sorry its one of the naughty ones but I laughed pretty hard at it! Your movie was a long shot. I don't know if this is right but I am gonna guess Rat Race. Am I right? Here's my quote: "What made the red man red!" or "Once you go home you can NEVER come back!" or "I'M A COD FISH!" I hope you will be doing at least a little better when you get this letter. I miss you Devs! Love ya! Dear Mom, Woodbadge sounds good. I want to see those pictures on the blog or in your email! I'm glad you learned alot. I am currently having problems with ignoramous less actives that just like playing that age old game of stump the missionaries with pointless questions. I don't like playing that game. I get angry easily when someone is poking and proding me with a question just to see if they can prove me wrong. It's frustrating at the least. So you haven't been substituting have you? Well I hope that the Watts class is fine and that you don't have too many creeps in it! I already feel sorry for my children and their children and I hope the world gets better soon but right now it seems that we are just producing worse parents and therefore the kids are worse and become worse parents. It's not a great path to be on. I hope I am grown up enough when I come home to be able to be a good papa. I hope my kids like me and I'm not a push over. Sometimes I worry about how my tolerance level with little kids is like super low lately. The kids here bite and spit on me and my companion and the parents aren't shy or embarresed at all about that. They just laugh and shrug it off. They're more like little animals than human beings. Thank you for spanking me Mom and Dad. I deserved it and am better because of it. Thanks for being good parents to us the kids. You da bomb. Thanks for the inspirational thought from Brother Erickson. I love that guy. Full of love and smiles all of the time. I wish that it was that easy to find a new investigator like that all the time! We are trying to find new investigators to help cycle out the old ones! Thanks for the love. I love the love. I feel the prayers working and my Saviors help as well strengthening me. Stay strong Mom. Love, Elder Hamblin Dear Dane, You went to High Balocity.....WITHOUT ME!!!! How could you? Well things are good here in the Philippines. Things are going well. We are super busy with the work out saving peoples souls and battling demons with swords and such! Walking in the rain a lot. It's great! How are you doing bro? Is school treating you well? No F's yet on the report card!? Don't worry Dane you'll do fine! I love how you want to get good grades. That will definetly help you out through school. It's a good motive for you! How's Dad's training coming along on the old school video games. I always loved that thing. You know what I had to do to get that thing to work? I had to scrub battery acid off the battery cartridge and do a lot of tweaking to get it to work! I'm glad that you are enjoying it. Mabe you are thinking about a different thing then I am anyways. Im glad you are enjoying it! I am also glad you are thinking about becoming an author and writing books. I hope that you get to the big times! Thanks for emailing me! Love, Big Bro Hamblin Dear Shay, I can't believe you, you player you! Playing chicken with the girl soccer team. The next thing you know they are gonna want to kiss on ya bro! WATCH OUT! They can be very tricky! You think you are safe and then the next thing you know you are trapped in a corner with girls trying to kiss you! Trust me, it's not a fun experience! It's really awkward that's for sure! SO your question about white girls. In my whole mission so far I have seen like a total of like mabe 5 white girls in my 1 and 1/2 years here! There are NO white girls in the bukid my man! I am going to go home and go nuts! I feel awkward just talking to American sister missionaries. I can't imagine how awkward I will be when I get home. I will definitely need to get my game on again. Try not to be shy around white girls! UGH! I don't want to think about it! I'm sweating already! Haha! I love you bro but watch out for that foreign exchange student! They're foreign and tricky! I love you bro and take care. Love BIG BRO. HAMBLIN Dear Papa, Don't worry too much there pops. I am hanging in there. I wrote you guys some letters as well and I think some of them may be a little down...and trunky. I'll still send them to you all cause there are good parts. I noticed that as well in my attitude and self confidence. I was pretty down on myself lately. I don't hide my emotions very well. What can I say. I have come to that conclusion. There is just so much to do and not enough time to do it somedays. I made a big progress on cleaning the house today which is great because its easier for me to think when things are clean, ya know? And ya know what, you're right! I have done hard things. More than I have to right home about. I will tell you all about the other stuff when I get home, but yes, I have done hard things Dad. I have seen miracles and I have helped people find the path back to Heavenly Father. I have done good things. I have grown and laughed and suffered and mourned with these people. I am currently helping out my good friend in the mission get over feelings of self doubt and such. I hope to be able to keep him from going home! This is another reason why I am a little stressed latey. Please Pray for me Pops. I am going through the whole look back faze right now. Looking back to see what I can do with the future. I am trying to be an upbeat and happy person but sometimes its hard. I will continue to try and laugh off the little things and look for the good! My glass is half full............. of pickle juice. No just pray that I will not lose the missionary spirit when I need it the most! I need the extra prayers. How are you all doing right now? How's work going? No near Death Experiences? Thanks for keeping an eye out for me Pops. I hope to be able to be a happier more fun, full of the spirit, kind of missionary! Thanks for the advice. Sorry there is no pictures pops. I haven't been taking alot of pictures. It's hard when your companion isn't being that happy that you're there. I think that he wants me to be transferred. I still am hoping to get one last cycle here before I move on! I'll send pictures of me smiling next time! I love you DAD! I LOVE YOU ALL!! STAY HAPPY AND SAFE AND SUCH!!!! LOVE, ELDER HAMBLIN PHILIPPINES CAUAYAN MISSION

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