Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Wow my family's always on the road! I want have a home when i go home. I will just have to travel with you all! JK I am so excited to hear all the good news with Devrees face! I think she will look like a super model when she’s done! I am glad the doctor is all business! Thanks for all the updates and the descriptions It sounds like a ton of fun! You won't believe Who my new companion is! He is a native Philippino and his name is Elder Anzal. I will show you a picture of him next time i don't have enough time this time to send pictures! sorry the jeepney will have to wait!
Dear Mom,
We have found some new people who look very promising and really close to the church! Tatal Leonardo had another stroke and hes in the hospital we haven’t seen him for a week! I hope he is doing fine and we will pray for him. Tatay Billy is still doing awesome and is obviously one of the Lords prepared! He will be baptized this Sat! Things are just going great! I Am Learning even faster with a Philippino companion who speaks Tagalog to me 24/7 and hardly ever speaks English and the crazy thing is i understand him! If i can respond in Tagalog i do and he understands English very well. I can tell him stories in English and he understands but he will comment in Tagalog every time so Language study just went through the roof! I participate in the lesson more than i ever have before and i understand the member’s advice to me! I can say pretty much all i want to say now but the grammar is still ugly! I am just loving it here. When you smile at people they don't stare at you but they smile back! Its fantastic. I think the people in Vila Verde are starting to get used to a white kid walking around there neighborhood! I give little kids high fives and say ASTIG alot! Its just been a blast. We reorganized the house and bedroom so that’s new. We are going to a museum today which should be oodles of fun. I have some bad new also. My companion Elder Fonua has apparently gone home already. He made it to the Philippines but he quote "Annihilated his Achilles tendon while playin Basketball" He is home in Utah now and if all goes well he will be back by Christmas! I don't know if he will make the choice to finish the mission or just stay home! Sad sad sad! But I must have faith that he will make the right choice!
Oh and i did receive Manny’s letters and they were hilarious and heart warming and i already sent a letter back! With love also! I pray for him and his family every day! i pray for you all too! Love you!
Dear Devrs,
Wow you are getting the new smile and face apparently that you always wanted! Its gonna look great i can tell already! Wow you must be old getting botox already! jk If your movie was The Producers than alright if not well i tried! Sorry the last email was kinda rushed i had to work quick because Elder Maxfield just had a trunky email and it was very small since he was going home 3 days after it! We also had to get back to the area! Any ways here’s my movie, "Ouuuut there with all the millers and the weavers and their wives through the hills and gables i can see them. Every day they shout and scold and go about their lives heedless of the gift it is to be them........IF I WAS IN THEIR SKIN I'D TREASURE EVERY INSTENCE OUT THERE!" Guess that hint "I was him for Halloween and you were his cruch!" Speaking of which i have some music i want to add to your list:
Lion King
Hunchback of Notre Dam
Sons of Provo
Trans Siberian Orchestra
Singles Ward
and ask Dad about the Tiawana Brass CD he had with Love potion # 9 on it it was the one with all the brass instrument and it had no lyricks so i say its okay! THanks a ton!
Love Elderaaaa Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Thanks for writing it means alot! Sounds like my High school experience it will be fun! But don't make the same mistakes i made some of which include:
Sniffing pop rocks/pixie sticks
Telling a girl that she’s your divine goddess
flirting with girls in general
trying to learn how to do a front flip on school grounds
Teasing the principle that there is marijuana in you hacky sack
Basically follow President Hinckley’s advice and DON'T BE STUPID!

Thanks for the love
Elder Hamblin

Dear Dad,

Thanks for bringing the food of the Philippines to my family. They have weird sweet spaghetti sauce here that substitutes for the banana ketchup that you used. I was surprised you found the ingredients congratulations you deserve some kudos for that one pops. Thanks for making me trunky too!! You all sound like you are having a great time even though you are missing the man who can start a party. I've decided 1st order of business when i get home is that we put the song "Shake your Bon Bon by Ricky Martin on as loud as you want and then shake our bon bons! I really just want to get my boogie down with my family when i get home! You are all awesome and I can really feel the love in every one of your emails! Thanks for everything Pictures next time hopefully i can get a good one of a jeepney! Thanks again love you all tons!
Elder Hamblin
P.S. I found A and W Rootbeer here the other day and it was soooooo delicious. Its the little things in life that give you the most pleasure. Well you know besides family and stuff! I await the promised letter from the Family Reunion still! Thanks again!

Note: We added Noble's pictures to entries July 11, 17, 25, and 31.

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