Monday, August 29, 2011

August 28, 2011 (Devree's Fundraiser)

Elder Anzal, Tatay Leonardo and Elder Hamblin.

Where's Waldo of Elder Hamblin on a bridge.

Elder Hamblin's shoes next to little Elder Anzal's shoes. Noble's companion right now is a kind little Filippino Elder.

Well everything is just fine. Good I was hoping that moms head is still firmly attached on her shoulders after that HUGE PROJECT OF AWESOME MAGNITUDE AND MAJESTY! WAY TO GO MOM!!! WHOOOOOOO! WAY TO GO FAMILY! WAY TO GO MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY! WAY TO GO WORLD! I love ya all! Way to go guys! I'm proud of you all! Keep Kickin Kwan! (people use kwan for stuff or thing or when they don't know what the next word is so you can all use that in your Tagalog slang now!)
Dear Mom,
Why are you awesome? You have really impressed me. I can't believe you did that all without your big helper! ME! JK You guys are awesome. Mom keep doing awesome. SO my investigators right now are kinda slim but I will give you the scoop on them all. Jerry and Jemma Pascual are the couple that I recognized on the street. They aren’t doing so good. We haven't been able to teach them for a while because of Jerry working the night shift for his guard job and they haven’t been going to church. If we could just get them to go to church than they would be styling but they haven’t come yet even though we try to remind them each week if we see them on the street or at all! Billy was baptized but we still watch over his progress in the gospel like we used to and he is doing fine and his neighbor Clarissa Kakay is doing good. She has a baptismal Date now and we pray for her to be ready by then. She is a single mother with one little boy and she works hard. She is an inspiration and she’s gonna be baptized I can feel it. With Billy every step of the way and her coming to church, things are going good. Our last and youngest investigator is a sweet little girl, Krizel Hulian and we have to teach her with her Dad who is a REALLY bad alchoholic because she isn't 18 she’s just 10years old. But she listens and is doing great she has a baptismal date too! Please pray for them. It’s not as easy to be a member here in the Philippines as it is back home so please pray for them. I love ya. ELder HAmblin
Dear Dane,
Don't worry there’s no "slipping out of the hands" going on here! I want to play with you all when I get home soooooo bad. You are going to have to show me all the cool stuff you play with when I get home! I'm so proud of you being a big helper and helping with the fundraiser and trying to teach your "Video Game Challenged" Father how to play that very complicated game! YOu stay cool! Love ya. Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Your movie was The Grinch Who Stole Christmas the Jim Carrie version and when i read your line i could practically hear his voice saying it and i got a HUGE grin on my face. "YOU reject your OWN nose.. Ohhhh thats just fantastic!" THanks I needed that. The last couple of days have been pretty busy for you haven’t they! YOu are a very important girl to this community and they all love you as you can probably tell by now. The response from the community was absolutely heart warming and you should feel VERY special. When you get your smile back (in full force) I want you to smile at the world until they smile back at you. I think you help give other people a hope that not everyone in this world is bad. There’s good things going on and the world is not going down the toilet like everyone else says it is. You give us hope Devree. You give me hope that when I come home to a poverty striken mess with unemployed people everywhere and the law being broken everywhere, I look to my family and my community that are not going to jump of the cliff with everyone else! THank you Thank you Thank you!
Okay my movie is here we goooo. Guess this one! "Unclog a furball from a shower drain to that gay refrain of a happy working song OOOOOO a happy working sooooong!"
Love ya little sis. ELder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Wow your response was a little short this week Shay are you okay? YOur probably tired from the soccer and band and fundraisers and all the beautiful women clawing at the door to get a piece of you, you sexy beast you! JK I hope you aren’t letting any girls "accidentally kiss you" JK You are a great guy Shay and like I said before, you are the next generation. You are supposed to be bigger, stronger, faster, smarter and wiser than my generation so it’s okay if you are tired from evolving so much! LOve ya
ELder Hamblin
Dear Poppie,
So you’re calling the dog your grandpa now! I think he’s losing it guys! JK You are an awesome Tatay you know that? I know that Mom didn't do the fundraiser all on her own and that you must have been her right hand man in creating this huge project so I'd like to thank you to for your service to the Help Devree smile fundraiser. Just make sure Mom doesn’t go crazy or anything okay? Here’s a quote for you that seems appropriate for this email. "Dad, She's invading my BASE!" I love hearing about you guys are using what I write in the emails for everyday slang it’s awesome. LOve you all
Elder Hamblin

P.S. Here are some pictures of an eight legged goat, my favorite breakfast MILO and some other stuff including a monkey, a Where’s Waldo picture of me on a bridge and my companion the little Elder Anzal with a big heart. Enjoy! Hoo and some Koligligs and jeepneys too I think.

The 8 legged goat. Elder Hamblin's face looks like "This is just WEIRD!"

Monkey up a tree.

"Everybody has a water buffalo. Yours is fast and mine is slow" (quote from a veggie tale song that Noble loved growing up)

This water buffalo is really slow. He must be very tired.

One of the highly unsusual vehicles for us possibly a kookiglig? It is very common in the Philippines.

On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 7:18 AM, Hamblin Family wrote:

Dear Elder Hamblin,

I would like to hear an update on all of your investigators. For example Jemma and Jerry and all of those that you teach. We heard in General Conference that we need to be praying for your investigators by name so they will progress and get baptized. I hope that you are not getting discouraged. How long does your mission usually leave you in one place before you get transferred? You have been in Villaverde for four months and does that mean you will get transferred soon? We have had a great Stake Conference today. Bishop Heusser spoke and you know how good of a speaker he is. He told us about 2 of his favorite things to do is go mountain biking and go snowshoeing and then he talked about "Paths" and gave us the scripture in John 14:3,4 about Chist is the way or path. He atlked about how for girls camp this year they had a hike for 13 miles to the Reno Temple. Paula went to Reno 5 times to find the right, safest, potty break, lunch break way to go. So he talked about preparation and then he quoted a new member that said "When I go to the temple, I feel light and happy and we are God's kids and he wants us in his house." I felt bad that we didn't get to go to the evening session of stake conference but that was the only date that we could get at the park for Devree's fundraiser.

The fundraiser was a success but I can tell you that I am so happy it is over. It was a ton of work and I can tell you I spent about 8-10 hours a day getting ready for it for about a month. There were so many kind people that donated stuff but then Dad and I had to pick up from peoples houses in the truck and it spilled out of our 2 car garage and people dropped off a ton of stuff at the park to sell. We were able to get about $2,000 from the rummage sale and the kids carnival. The other $1,000 came from people just writing checks to us. In fact you wouldn't believe the $ that people gave. Remember the lady that does the snowboarding? You know the small lady with short black hair and does all of the 4-h stuff? She wrote a check for $500! If we could find 62 more people like her we would have enough of the $31,000 that we need for Devree's 2 operations. But people have been so generous and kind. Tony Coltrin had his little trailer set up to sell hot dogs and he and Michelle were there all day and paid for the cost of the food and gave us the rest. They also had a tip jar to donate to Devree and people filled that up too. People are inately good if you give them a chance. So many awesome people. I still need to apply for that philanthropy group to give us money too. I hope that I get to substitute a lot to help with expenses too, like Danes crooked teeth.

We had fun with Aunt Paula, Teara, Locey and Skyla when they came up to help with the fundraiser. We were talking about Kolten getting home on January 24th and the big party we want to plan. Teara was saying how we miss Kolten and Noble. Devree said we didn't miss Kaylun as much because he was always texting his girl friend. Kolten never had a girl friend and you only had one at the very last. We were laughing about Locey singing when he was little. "Deep in my heart" and then we were laughing at Shay's alarm clock blaring at 4 am waking Dad and I with a start and Shay sleeping through it all. Well tomorrow is the first day of school and seminary and seminary starts at 6:20 AM so Shay is going to be one tired cookie. He is not liking soccer too much but he is LOVING Band. Aunt Paula came to our house for a little nap yesterday because she drove at 3am to get here and she said 3 girls came to the door to see if Shay was home! The fun is beginning. Anyway I can't tell you how HAPPY I am to have the fundraiser over. We are going to wait to do the golf tournament next summer I think.

Dear Noble,
Yesterday I was sweating but I went in the bounce house and went to the Fish Pond and got lots of toys and laid on the mattress in the fish pond and worked in the fish pond and worked at the bean bag toss and ate cup cakes from the cake walk and ate hot dogs and got lots and lots of water. Beeeee GOOOOOOOD! I got my face painted with 2 patches on the eye with a bandana painted on my forehead and a goatee. I beat the Vampire Night game all by myself. I was telling Dad to not shoot the critters with the growths on them but Dad thought I was telling him not play the game and he threw a fit! We laugh about it now.
LOVE YOU and I hope you come sometime, just sometime. And you are not slipping out of my hands you are going to PLAY PLAY PLAY with me.
Love, Dane.

Dear Elder Hamblin,
Phwew! I'm glad the fundraiser is over now! It was really productive and everything but I hate how much went into it. I know mom will go "PAH! You didn't do much little girl!" you have to say "little girl" like Josh Peck from Drake and Josh. GASP! School starts tomorrow! Now I have to worry about that! Where was my vacation?!? Well I'm not in drama this year and that depresses me. I mean I finally got it OKed to do the knight's Tale monologue and I'm NOT in Drama >=( I'm in Psychology this year so I'll tell you if it's worth going into. Teara, Locey, Skyla, and Paula came to help with the fundraiser and we just said goodbye to them. Mom was looking at the calendar and we're gonna be at St. Jude's when Kolten comes home! We'll work something out. No fair! I wanted to use lines from Back to the Future! I'll just use them later in our game. Are you ready?; "BRILLIANT! You reject your own nose because it represents the glitter of commercialism! WHY didn't I think of that?! Cut, print, moving on." You better guess this! It was your favorite line from the movie. OH! We never told you about the slang flash cards. Reese and Katherine Butikofer gott hese slang flash cards from one of their sons and they are as funny as all get out! There's one where the parents are admiring their new baby girl and the husband says "She has my eyes and your badonkadonk!" There's another one that has two old ladies who are shopping and one says "Hey, let's jack some extra virgin olive oil and shake this joint!" Another had a picture of people making a business deal and the guy said "Merger? I'm down!" One had a picture of a woman typing and a guy is looking on and said "You type hecka fast!" and they're two business professionals. It's just funny what pictures they put with the sentences and the kinds of things they say using these gangsta words! Well, I hope you got a few laughs. I love and wish the best for you! FROG
Love your favoritest sister,
OH! PS We were talking about heath classes today at dinner and I'm reading Vladimir Tod and his health teacher stutters when he says gonads so he's all "g-g-g-g-gonads." Tee hee. Something funny.


I had fun this week and i hope you did too I did my field show on monday and the trumpets sucked at one part. But it was still fun. any was devree's thing went well.So keep do your missionary stuff were all so proud.have a good week Love, Shay

Dear Elder Hamblin,

Mom did a great job with the fundraiser yesterday (Saturday 8/27/2011). I know that doesn’t surprise you. Our Mom is such an awesome woman. She came up with the plan, and we all helped her to make it happen. All of our church friends made cupcakes, and they helped us to run all of the Kid Carnival booths. The face painting was just precious. So much talent, and they were fast. We had a guy deliver an industrial bounce house. The kids loved it!!! People on the highway would see the bounce house and stop by to participate.

A group of the band kids showed up with Josh Boga, and they stayed and helped all day. The older Primary kids like Megan Clark, Jacob Stewart, Aaron Galloway, and Andrew Matthews pretty much ran the Kid Carnival games. The adults ran the bounce house and the Rummage Sale. Tony & Michelle Coltrin sold concessions all day in their Weinner Schnitzel – Mobile, and Brian Matthews sold popcorn from his little machine.

In the evening at 4:30PM George Fish from my work at the DMV came and played acoustical guitar. Then at 6:00PM Ethan Galloway’s band and their lead singer Jamie Gould. Then after Ethan’s band we got to hear the Fraser’s band “Sibling Rivalry”. They were a lot of fun to listen to. Tommy did a few plugs for Devree’s fundraiser. One of them was really creative. He said, “Those of you that can give a lot. Please give a lot. Those of you that cannot, just give a little bit.” Then they went into the song.
Give a little bit
Give a little bit of your love to me
I'll give a little bit
I'll give a little bit of my love to you
There's so much that we need to share
So send a smile and show you care
One lady responded with a $500 dollar check. The rest of the people were generous with the donation jar at the Weinner Schnitzel – Mobile. Altogether we made $3,500 towards the “Help Devree Smile” operation.
At the end of the day we were exhausted, but felt really good about what we were able to accomplish.

Mahal kita Elder Hamblin!!!

P.S. I have been exposed to the word “naka” already. I believe the words were nakatayo and nakaupo. Now Devree’s favorite thing to say is “naka wala” when Shay or Dane walk out in their underwear. You know how I call Low Rider Lo-Lo? So when I say “lolo ko” for my Low Rider, I’m really saying “my grandpa”, right? You may not want to share that with anyone.

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