Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 8, 2011

AAAAAA Thanks Mom! you’re the best. (He is getting a package soon.)
WOW yes we did have a baptism his name is Billy Bongalon and he really truly is one of the Lords prepared for the mission! I love him so much! It only took me one try and he was baptized. But it's true what they say you know! Satan tries his hardest when people are close to baptism! I can't even count the troubles we faced that day! But we made it through even though our Pres of the branch didn't show up to preside and Billy wasn't ready when we came to pick him up! WE DID IT and he thanked me a ton! I gave him a big wet hug after the baptism and everything seemed right in the world. This is why I'm here and nothing like spiders in my baptismal pants or lame presidents of the branch can stop me from doing the Lords Work!
WOW there are alot of movies I get to watch when I get home TOO! SO much to do! And soooooo far away. My 1st and 2nd companions just recently went home and Elder Bates accidentally sent me a really trunky letter about him being home so I sent him an email saying what a jerk he was and then told him how much I appreciated his love and work with me in Villaverde! Anyway thanks for the Email you can read more about stuff going on here in the other one thanks!
Elder Hamblin

(Devree's quote was from a funny thing Shay said at dinner. Shay was telling us when he goes to Band Camp this week that the Band teacher will be like the SORTING HAT in Harry Potter. In Shay's best British accent he said "Another Hamblin. I know just what to do with you.") HARRY POTTER WHOOOOOOO HOOOOO! I miss those good movies! O I’m sure MRS Bum will say that to my little punk of a brother! Alright here’s my quote "OOOOO I LOOK LIKE THE CRYPT KEEPER!" I hear your fundraiser is getting started and of course you are the celebrity as always and you will be in the newspaper isn't that neat! Well, Thanks for the update Love Your bother Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
You're still on my fridge bro! I thought of you when I reached for the milk to go with my cereal this morning! I miss you wanting to watch Mulan in the car and all the funny stuff you would do! WOW Cars 2 I have to see that when I get home for sure! I always knew in the back of my mind that they would make a 2nd one but I didn't know when! Well you sure sound busy with soccer and all the stuff you are up to. Don't worry I am super popular at the High school and so is Devree so just say you’re a Hamblin, keep your nose clean, and people will flock to you like you’re the most popular kid in school! Look for missionary opportunities with your friends and always look for opportunities to share the gospel! Love ya bro. Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
You're just CRAZY you know that! Don't you worry I will show Zander who’s boss and you know which character I will use! IKE! Yep that’s right because Ike rocks! HEy make sure the trampoline works for when I get home okay? (Dane asked Noble to make a time machine so he could get home faster)So here’s the steps to making a time machine:
Step 1: Get a blender and some adult supervision.
Step 2: Get some Strawberries and Bananas and Some milk and ice.
Step 3: Put all the ingredients in the blender.
Step 4: Blend till it is well mixed.
Step 5: Pour into a cup, drink and enjoy!
OOPS! I'm sorry Dane I accidentally gave you instructions for a smoothy not a time machine! Sorry! Well next time I will get it right don't worry! LOVe your big brother ELder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
ASTIG! You help out everyone sooo much. You are the Dad everyone in the New Era and Friend magazines talk about! Why are you so cool? You and Shay getting all greasy and working on cars/giving service will be memories that Shay will have forever. You don't know how much it means to the son when you work with him. I remember countless nights where I was holding a flashlight or shoveling a drive way or sitting in a lesson with you! Everything you do is worth it Dad and don't forget it! You might say your week was boring but to me its familiar and something I wish I could experience right about now! Our family is so blessed and we don't even know it!
Well let me tell you Tatay having my 1st Philippino companion has been a doozy! When I go to turn on the stove I can't because he turned off the gas! Every P-Day he does something different to the house by moving stuff around and cleaning! If I was a blind man I would be running into things like crazy! He is absolutely addicted to Texting other missionaries and he said the funniest thing last night! HE was reading in the friend about Hinckley’s Bs. Well instead of saying the Six B's he mispronounced the Six and accidentally said the SEX B's! I laughed my head off and then corrected him and he called me bobo ka or "stupid you" in Tagalog! HE SPEAKS TAGALOG ALL THE TIME! Which is really good for me! I understand all of it it’s just hard to respond some time and he talks so fast! Mabilis "fast" I'm sorry I can't send pictures again the guy who helps me with getting the computer to read the SD card isn't here today so I'll have to try again next week!
I haven't been able to pick and eat any fruit yet mostly because people don't grow it outside for that very reason! But maybe at a members house I could! Who knows I'll let you know when I’ve done it! When I think of Villaverde I think of the Beautiful mountains practically in our back yard! And all the rice fields and how green everything is! As my companion pointed out even the water is green. HE was pointing to an irrigation ditch!
Dad I would like to say sorry for making fun of you for putting all 2 bottles of Anti-Diarrhea pills in my suit case. In order to shorten this email and shield you from the horrible graphic images of my journal entries from the past week I would just like to say thank you for those pills. It was truly an inspired decision. YOU ROCK DAD!
I think I kinda have been losing it for the past week. I drew a picture of Abraham Lincoln in my daily planner for P-Day and with Elder Anzal singing Little Mermaid and Hercules songs I have been kinda....frazzled? Thanks again for all that you have sent to me! You’re the best Tatay that any missionary could hope for! LOVE,
ELder HAmblin

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