Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shay's Birthday 2011

It looks like there are no places to live among these Rice fields.

A different point of view.

The size of a snail. I wonder if they eat those in the Philippines.

Elder Hamblin is winning some a ping pong competition there as you can see on the blackboard.
He told us that later he did not win.

Noble with some local boys. This is their school uniform of white shirts and they just got out of school. They all want to put their thumbs up.

Now this picture is the "Dragon Ball Z" stance. Elder Hamblin said it is very popular still. His companion Elder Maxfield said he was more of a "Pokeman" fan himself when he was younger. Anime is very popular. When Noble was young I made him a Halloween costume like one of the Dragon Ball Z characters.

This just looks like some really scary construction? I don't think I would test the house on the cliff to stand if I went in. "The wise man built his house upon the rock."

This is Noble's district P-day excursion to the terraced rice fields. The local villagers maintain these steep fields.

This is the bridge they got dropped off at by riding on top of the Jeepneys. Noble said it was much cooler at the higher elevation of the terraced rice fields.

There really are mountains in the Philippines and here is a picture looking down at the terraced
rice fields.

Noble's dirty foot from wearing flip flops in the mud.

Noble looks happy and well and his Mom is very happy about that. Elder Hamblin's letters exude that he is enjoying the work, people and culture very much.

Elder Hamblin said they paid 10 pesos each for this picture and the guy was acting out as a head hunter in the days of cannibalism. Noble said this is not the traditional Fillipino dress. It looks like there is something funny going on.

Local dress with some local feathers in the hair for Elder Hamblin. Noble is about 5'9" and he towers over most of the locals. Could this be Elder Maxfield with Elder Hamblin?

More green lush rice fields.

The Elders on the top of the Jeepney I think.

Oh and one more story! When I was eating corn on the cob the other day, I was trying to put salt on it but unlike you fancy Americans we Philippinos don't have salt shakers. I attempted to pour it right out of the bag on to my corn thus getting way to much salt. ALTHOUGH Shay still has out done me again and got the salt into his eye while i just sulked about my oh so salty corn on the cob! I thought you all might like to know that! Oh and on a not so yummy note we were sad to witness the death of an oh so beloved dog whom I call Frank. He was run over right in front of Pres. House as we were waiting for them to cook us a yummy lunch. Frank was just sitting out in the road catching some rays and the car backed up right over him. The poor thing had no chance! So sad! Well time to go!

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 8:43 PM, Noble Hamblin wrote:

Dear Mom,
Wow your little boys are growing up! Shay just turned 14, Dane won the watermelon eating contest and your oldest just hiked up a very slippery wet mouintain that had rice growing on it! Yes I finally got to go to Banaui and it was a blast! We got rides in Jeepneys all the way up there and they made us ride on the top! Then when we got there we went down a long path and that led us to a bridge. We crossed it and there they were, The Rice Terraces! You got to know that these terraces are extremley old and maticulously taken care off by the surrounding villagers. It was really cool and I took alot of pictures so hopefully I can email them to you soon. I had a great time and got a little sunburned so tommorow is going to be kinda miserable. Sore and tired I must keep moving and keep working but it was worth it all!
Don't worry Mom you don't make me too homesick with your emails. Skyla Locey Meagan Spencer Teara Uncle Ky your awesome for writing last Sunday. Kolten writes me letters and I write back! It's good to know you care about me also! Thanks for the kind thoughts. Love Ya, Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,
Thanks for the thought! I think it will help me get through the rough times! Thanks for everything you have written me here on the mission. Even though we are on opposite sides of the globe I can still feel your love though the emails. Thank you for everything! I know your movie! It was Tangled. Here's mine, "Ring my door bell, No my doorbell! No mine! Come on! It's shiny yes! Yes! Yes oh yes! Thats 12 to 8 thats not fair!" "Who stole the time machine? The guy in the bowler hat!" Try that one on for size! Well remember what I was saying about the CDs next email I will give you the details on which ones I want. ALL I have right now are Christmas songs and it is driving my companion and me insane! So next Email Heads up I've got a favor to ask you!
Oh and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY From the Fuuuuture! I got you a souvinere today so I guess that counts as a present! Anyways I LOOOOOOOOOVE you! Stay strong and break your old records every day and week!
Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dad,
You have been one busy Tatay! "My eyes are dim I cannot see I haven't brought my specks with me!" You had to deal with all those boys and they are all still alive and healthy! You can sleep well knowing you have done a job well done and you are going to be blessed for it and so will the ones you serve and the ones who see you serve. Never underestimate the amount of impact you have on the world. It's bigger than you think!
Just last week me and Elder Maxfield were walking through our little town of Villaverde and a couple said "Hi" to us. I thought they were nice people until I realized that I knew that couple. Me and Elder Bates had taught them Weeks ago and then they fell off the map and we couldn't find them. Immedietly the name popped into my head as if someone else had wrote the name on a chalkboard. Jerry and Jemma I called out to them and they said Ano? I said "Pwede po kami magbahagi ang mensae tunkol kay Jesucristo sa inyo?" They accepted the invitation and they said they will pray about Joseph Smith to see if he truly was a true prophet! Things are going great and I think they will truly go far in this gospel because God gave me and them a 2nd chance. If I hadn't been there they would have just passed on by and not even talked to Elder Maxfield because they didn't know him! I know I am here for a reason and that I have a lot to do here! I know that God has a plan for me and he knows my name and cares for me personally. I know he loves me and every time I tract in the rain, or mess up my Tagalog, or wake up feeling like someone beat me with a baseball bat, that it's all for my good and it makes me stronger and more reselient to other trials that are soon to come that without the proper training I would have failed at miserably! I have seen proof of this time and time again! SO thanks for the spiritual thoughts and Love in every email!
Mahal Kita Tatay ko! You are the best and continue to break your old records every day. Keep the good work with your kids. I hear Shay is turning out to be quite the young man!
Love ya
Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
Happy Birthday! from the future. Yep I am almost a whole day ahead of you and in the future right now because we are across the world from each other. So happy birthday I hope you had oodles of fun! Well I hope you keep up the good work. Sorry you didn't win the election but it's good you had a good attitude about it! I wish I could have been there for your birthday and seen the look on your face as you opened up your present. I got you a kickin souvinere and your gonna love it! Enjoy all the pictures I'm sending! Stay cool and in school!
Elder Hamblin

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