Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011

Well as usual the house is bustling with activity. Alot has happened here but 1st I will try to answer all your questions!

Dear Dane,
Sounds like fun! I hope you still want to play Wii with your old brother when he gets home! The public speaking will get easier with time and practice. Stay cute!
Dear Mom,
With your kids going to EFY visisting family and one of them eating Ararawan in the Phillipines you must be pretty stressed. Not to mention the Drunk neighboor who hates that you don't take care of your dog! Well keep up with the patience and you are definitely right. Michelle needs the gospel more desperatley then a Catholic priest right now! Stick with it. Keep the smile in your heart and stay positive. Even if you don't see improvement right away she will notice the way you live your life and might come back with some questions! Bret sounds like he's changed alot since I last saw him and that he's grown alot. Sorry no pictures this time the cafe computer wouldn't accept my camera so I can't send pictures. Next time I will for sure!
Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay
When I get back your going down in Guitar Hero! "schools out for summer!" Man I miss you and Dad and the whole bunch. Guess what I went bowling here in the Philippines and it was a ton of fun! We used a really small ball about the size of my fist and we threw it down the lane 3 times instead of two. AND when we knock down the pins theres a guy in the back that sets them back up again! It was really cool. I'll send lots of pictures! Well Stay cool and good luck fixing little red! I hope all goes well!
Love Your big Bro
Dear Dad
Well I'm Glad to hear little red is fixable and I hope all goes as planned! Wow big wind storms and finnaly warm weather. I would give anything for cold right about now but its okay! We've go the fans! Man Alot has happened! Well I hope you get the details all figured out on the super activity. Here's the answers to those questions of yours!
Well I didn't get the letter yet. You have to be patient. Things like dear can take awhile to get here and sometimes up to two weeks. But it should be here soon! It costs 40 pesos or a little less than a dollar to send a letter home from the big town (Solano) next to our little town (Villaverede) So thats how mail goes here!
Ive got the pictures you want it's just hard for me to send them but remind me next email and I will try again if I get a non crappy computer that recognizes my camera!
The PC Elder Bates was using was at an Internet shop in Solano. It crashed and the owner couldn't do a quick fix so we went to another Internet shop to finish emailing and then went bowling! (Why would he have a laptop? You silly billy goat!)
Tatay Leonardo is doing great! He's still learning slowly and we are going to make him a poster board so he can hang it up and look at it every day! Maybe that will help him learn faster!
Haven't been able to talk with the Dakanays yet. I think they are trying to hide from us so we will try another day at another time to catch them off guard and see whats up!
No good conversations with Arnold and Richard yet but they are doing better with the Alcohol. Last time they were cooking for a friend so we didn't want to interupt but Arnold did take my blood pressure and I was A okay!
Haven't talked to Rochelle in awhile. She's just dropped off the map!
Orbans are doing good we read the Book of Mormon with them and they read the pamphlets. We haven't got too many lessons with the Mom but the Dad is always there and sometimes we get all the boys! They always give us a Merienda or snack before we leave which is nice because its a really long walk out there!
For the most part you are correct on your maps and I am both surprised and honored that you go into so much detail as to where I am serving in this little corner of the Lord's vineyard. You really show how much you care when you make the second blog for me! THANKS a ton!
Well your translation is pretty close to how it works here! But the signing at the bottom should be "Mahal Kita Anak KONG Lalaki" That is "Love you my son" But I've been told they don't ussualy say that because its long! Thanks for the love
Mahal Kita Tatay
Elder Hamblin
Dear Devree,

Wow schools out and the guys want you bad! What to do now! I miss you! Oh your movie was Finding Nemo. Heres Mine, "Okay Rudy you ever been thru survival training? No! Well consider this your 1st class. It's pass or fail. I always found that easier." Guess that one! Well you are busy with all thats going on and you have EFY to write about in your journal. I am keeping a very good journal. My companion makes fun of me with the amount of time I spend writting in my journal. He says that it will be on the reading list like The Diary of Anne Frank when I get old and die! Well Love you! Talk to you next time!
Elder Hamblin
Well I have eaten weird bugs with pinchers and drank delicious Tang. I have bowled Philipino style and have gotten my 1st Philippino hair cut! I have watched a 76 year old grandma climb out of a tree on a rickety old ladder after picking fruit for us and I've seen an old man bang 2 chickens together for no reason at all! I've seen alot here in the Philippines! Today we are going to go play ping pong with the other Elders. It should be tons of fun. Well till next time!

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