Monday, June 6, 2011

First letter of June 2011 -1st Area on Map

The red dot above the 'g' in Baguio is Villaverde. Noble's new home for right now. However, one day we will entice him back with a washer, dryer, & air conditioning.


This is a map of the streets for Villaverde.


This is a picture of Noble's 1st area, Villaverde. It is on the Island called Luzon, in the Nueva Viscaya province. Villaverde is 138 miles North of Manila.

Dear Mom,
Well the stroke victim, (Tatay Leonardo) is doing great although he did have to go to the hospital because of high blood. (High cholesterol) He remembers more each day and prays to know if Joseph Smith is a true prophet. We asked him if he belived the Book of Mormon was a true book and he said yes. Then Elder Bates explained that if the book was true then Joseph Smith really was a prophet. He doesn't understand but he is making progress.
We haven't really been able to talk to the Dakanays yet. They have been busy working in the bukid. (field) So I hope they are doing well.
Arnold and Richard, the last time we saw them was during Arnolds birthday and he was drinking with his friends. Dang! We decided to come back at another time. The last family is the Orbons and they are doing great. But we found out they were both (the mom and dad) major leaders of their previous church so that's kinda rough. Yea the language is coming day by day. Dad, I will write a sentence in Tagalog and you translate it for me okay? I will do it in your part of the letter. Anyway yea I've eaten some pretty weird stuff already. Dane sounds like he's been a hoot. Wow he's just as good at describing people as I am! Dad still can't hit those sweet high notes but it's okay he's getting to be an old man and every now and then someone needs to remind him he isn't a teenager so he doesn't hurt himself! Mom, I hope Shay and Dane are being good little boys for you and you aren't pulling your hair out. I'm sorry I can't send pictures today. E. Bates computer crashed and so we had to switch Internet shops and they don't have virus protectors and so I can't upload my pictures. Also I don't like it as much because there are more people and those people are playing games that I wish I could play but can't because I'm a missionary so it's hard. Anyway sorry about the no pictures but that's how it is this week. I guess I will try to email more next P-Day.
Dear Devree,
You sly dog you! It was the Lip song by Larry the Cucumber but you only quoted the last of the song! I can't remember which Veggie Tales it is but it is Veggie Tales! Here's my quote: "Alright Be prepared.... for what? For the Death of the king! Why is he sick? No fool were gonna kill him. That's great no king no king la la la la la la. Idiots there will be a king! Wait but you said..." Try that one on for size!
Well you sure have been busy with all the parties and studies and facial surgeries and all you are going thorough. Ironically Today I'm going bowling and maybe I will beat your score! 116 Ha I'm not that good! Well I hope all the finals go well. Just remember to ask your Heavenly Father for help and he will help if you have the faith. I love you and please don't do too much to make you drown in stress! Take a break. Go smell the roses or something! Play with your brothers or take a break and relax and then go back to studying! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Shay,
I could care less about the truck. That's history! How are you? And was the joke about Arnold Swarznagger? I hope they tell you soon that you won. I bet you are on pins and needles! The mission work is going well. We are still trying to get people from the branch to come teach with us for our lessons and it's kinda hard. Well I hope you are having fun working hard and playing harder. You already sound like you've grown alot since I've left I can't wait to see how big you get! Love Elder Hamblin
Dear Dane,
You should be nice to your older brother and send me some lemon squares! Just kidding. Stay cute. Your big bro Elder Hamblin.
Dear Dad,
I live in Villaverede. It is a town in the Nueva Viscaya province. It is usually called the bukid (fields) because there are fields of rice everywhere! When E. Bates and I go out to the one family out in the Mountains that's more of a jungle area. The trees are thicker and it has more little villages scattered throughout the roads. I do hope to try Balut soon and I hope that it isn't too old! I'm kinda afraid to drink the juices but I will do it for the experience. Who knows I just might love it! I don't think I can recieve mail out here but you can mail it to the Mission Home in Cauayan and they will get the mail to me! They are more reliable than the mail service out to us! Oh how I wish it was cold here! We have the fans going as soon as we are in the house. The mornings aren't as bad as the afternoons heat wise.
I hope they have fun at EFY. I think it will be even more fun with them staying with the cousins at night and partying it up. Allthough the dorms was part of the experience. I loved EFY and I know they will love it too! I miss the swamp cooler. Sometimes before I fall asleep at night I think of the sound of the washer and dryer quietly working in the back ground and realize how I didn't fully appreciate them before. "Sniff"
Well I am pleased to hear that my apprentice is moving through the ranks just as any natural leader should. I have taught him well and one day he too will take his spot in the hall of fame as a full time missionary for the church! He is a good apprentice and I shall always be proud of him. He is my grand opus my final overture my piece de resistaunce, my pride and joy! JK He is a great example to his peers and the youth of the church.
Yes if you would send the spiritual thoughts through pouch mail or Dear Elder that would be absoulutely fine with me! It cuts down on the email time that I use and I use alot! E. Bates and I had a disscussion about internet usuage and how I need to keep the time down to an hour/ hour and a half tops! So that would help greatly!
Here's some Tagalog for you: Pwede po ninyo malaman kung totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon sa pamamagitan ng panalangin. Try to translate that one. Mahal Kita! Elder Hamblin
Well everyone I hope I have answered your questions! This is the highlight of the week! I taught someone how to pray and they understood me! E. Bates didn't have to repeat what I tried to say for once!
My dear Companion taught me some Ilokano the other day and had me try it out on Old Nanay Magpali. It was Naimas Ti Balasang Yo. So I repeated that to her thinking it is good afternoon in Ilakano and it turned out to be I think your oldest single daughter is delicious. Ya he got a kick out of that one!
We went to a funeral and my companion practically conducted it. I said the opening prayer and led the music and he gave a talk about some lady who he doesn't even know! Then the next morning he got to dedicate her burial site! Pretty cool huh?
I also learned more about the devine companionship and how it it important for us to testify of Christ and God and the Holy Ghost so they can testify of each other!
Anyway thanks for the emails and I love you all. Till next Time.
Elder Hamblin

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