Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Hey Um Dad I'm Sorry I didn't talk about you on the most important day of your life, the day that makes all the turmoil and strife worth it. The day where all the money and time spent making your kids the biggest, brightest and fastest of the world becomes a little more worthwhile.... FATHERS DAY! Dad I can't say how much I miss you. I appericiate you and your talks more than you know. If I could, I would have flown back for Fathers Day just for you! Thank you for everything Dad. You have made me who I am today and you have to know all Iwant to do is make you proud. No matter where I am I want you to be proud of me and what I do. I try and bear up my family name everyday in my thoughts and actions. You didn't make it easy for me to live up to my name. Being Noble every single day is kinda hard but you know it gets easier with time. Just Kidding! Thank you for helping me see the big picture to look to the future and see past the end of my nose. To be able to know when to be funny and when to be serious. To Laugh when I must Laugh and Cry with those who are Crying and to help lift them up. You have to be higher than those that you are lifting up! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! Oh and I got your Dear Elder on the 14th I think so you know. Happy Fathers Day! love from your 1st born in the wilderness!

Dear Mom, Please for heavens sake don't talk about HOMEMADE PEACH ICE CREAM! I get trunky easy enough. Now all I want is to be on a couch with you all eating that peach ice cream! Alas I've got an important work to do so that will just have to wait. But you bet your biscuits we will be making some homemade ice cream when they finnaly kick me out and I come home! Wow each week is jammed packed with all of the fun things you are all up to! Well give every one my best! I have a new companion now! His name is Elder Maxfield and he is a load of fun! He has the most interesting since of humor and can find the good in some situtations where all I can see is bad! Elder Bates got transffered to the hottest part of the mission. Tiggigaraw for his last cycle and he wasn't too happy about that but oh well. Now me And Elder Maxfield will baptize all of Villaverde and turn it into a stake! Well the investigator pool has kind of hit an all time low though. All we have progressing is Tatay Leonardo but he has a baptismal date now! I made him a big red poster of things he should remember and he says he looks at it! When we came over and I saw him reading it I almost cried! He will be baptized July 9th! The language is coming! I understand more and Ican respond to the basic questions. If I focused really hard I can understand almost everything in the lesson and can help my companion when he looks to me for the next part of the lesson! Mahirap ang buhay ko! Dahil Maraming mga salita Hindi ko alam pa! Perro Maligaya ako ka si kasama ng Diyos at si Jesucristo Pwede ko gagawin lahat bagay! Mas mabait mga tao sa Philippines! Maraming meriendas mula sa mga members at investigators! Mahal Kita Nanay! (have Dad translate that for you.) Love you tons!

Dear Devree,
Your quote is from the Infamous Shrek and Elder Bates quoted it before he got transffered to the inferno Tiggigarow! My quote was from Sahara! I can't believe you didn't get that one! Well here's my next one! "Roy, THE INVINCIBLE!" same movie "You said wet shirt don't break not pee pee shirt bend bar!" You had a busy week filled with lots of fun and cute guys. You life is pretty great right now! Mine on the other hand is better! Not to one up you or anything but I get to help find souls to bring unto Christ today! And that's not even the best part! I get to do it in the rain! Do you know how hot my wife is getting right now! She must be smoking because of how hard I've been working! Anyways I'm thinking you just might be married by the time I get back with all those young men fighting over you. Joklan (Joke) I do think that you have most of them in the palm of your hand though! FROG!!!!!!! Love Elder.... well you know! P.S. I have a favor to ask you! Next email be ready! It's kinda a big deal! Hint: Get all the Disney music and the Veggie-Rock you can find! Love you!

Dear Dad,
Thank you for writing to me about Little Red. I like to hear the progress and it makes me think of all the good conversations you and me had in and around and about that car! I am Absolutely Ecstatic that you got her to run again! I'm sorry that you were lonely because everyone went to California for the EFY, even with low rider for company. (don't worry I won't let it go to my head!) You love that dog so much. If it weren't for you, Low Rider would die of a broken heart. Drive and Hike sounded amazing. I wish I could have come soooo bad and i really miss my tatay and talking to him! Me and My new companion E. Maxfield are thinking about climbing one of the surrounding mouintains in Villaverde for one of our P-Day activities. It sounds like fun and I will take pictures. Sorry there are still no pictures in this Email. I can't seem to get a computer that will read the camera like before so I will try another one. You know how Mom was talking about the prophetic statements the Dad would make? Congratulations. That was your 1st one. You said to have the Pure love of Christ or Charity with me. This week I chose Charity as my Christ like Attribute of the week. Turns out it came in handy when Pres. Miranda started telling one of our investigators about when Elijah visited Joseph Smith! BAKIT! "WHY!" I wanted to chew our branch president's head off because now our investigator is gonna be really confused and not know what to pray about tonight and I just was infuriated. But in the back of my head I remembered that I was working on loving EVERYONE in the Philippines even our Pres. who can't keep his trap shut. So I took some deep breaths and in that instant I forgave pres for what he did and tried to finish the lesson strong. We have a return appointment and I think that was contributed to the fact that I didn't put pres in a head lock! Things are still moving with that family and I think it will turn out alright! It's hard being the missionary who has to show the companion where everything is but I think I'm doing a good job. I am starting to talk to people and give out pamplets all by myself now! I am finally seeing progress in hearing and speaking this language. I'm not gonna stop. I will keep learning Tagalog my whole mission and hopefully continue or retain my knowledge after the mission. THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS! I know he does. I can't say that the time I have spent here so far has been a waste. Every day counts and every minute I become closer to our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I could not have gotten as far as I have without his help. THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYERS! Something I also learned from my new companion: If you think this area is going to kick your butt, it will. Don't eat that if you do you will be having irregular bowl movements for the rest of your mission! Last but not least is, " If i were you I would wash that rice before you cook it!" We got a bag of this Ironically named , "Healthy Rice" which was not healthy at all! E. Maxfield almost chipped his tooth on a rock we found in it! It was the size of an eraser! Needless to say we don't by that rice anymore! Thank you all for the kind thoughts and inspiration to carry on in this challenging but absolutley important work! Your emails are more precious than gold to me and I treasure each one! Thank you for all the love! I miss you all "mula sa aking puso" Love Elder Hamblin

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